Episode 25

Alice sat opposite the man,biting her nails and tapping her foot as she waited impatiently for the lawyer to return.


He had said he was going to process the documents and finalise everything to make her have the power of attorney.
‘Be right back’
That’s what he had said yet more than twenty minutes had passed and he had still not returned.
Out of boredom, she had counted every single object in his office just to while away time and he still wasn’t back.

What the hell was taking him so long?
Her patience was running out.
Frustrated,she pulls back the chair she was seated on and gets up and begins to pace to and fro.
What could be taking him so long?
Maybe she should go check.
Turning to walk towards the door,it suddenly opens to reveal the lawyer.
A sullen look on his face as he steps into the office and shuts the door behind him.
“So? Did you get it done?” Alice questions hastily before he could take a seat.
Sighing heavily,he dumps the documents onto his desk and takes a seat.
Wiping his sweaty brow with a handkerchief, he then grabs the half filled bottled water and gulps everything down.
Done,he lifts his head to stare at her.
“So???” Alice questions again.
“Have a seat please”
Alice rolls her eyes but takes a seat nevertheless.
“Just answer me already! Are you done?!”
“I’m sorry ma’am but no. It wasn’t possible”
Wait what?
“Okay what? Why?”
“Ma’am the documents are not authentic. They were rejected” the lawyer explains taking off his glasses and wiping it before putting it back on.
Alice flares up, pushing the chair back, as she got up.
“What do you mean they aren’t authentic? How?”
“Such documents are a big deal and thereby there’s supposed to be a particular seal or stamp from the registrars office which qualifies it as authentic and original but there’s no such thing here.
Even the signature under the lawyer, Mr Dante’s name were proven to be fake. He’s a well known lawyer and his signatures do not match what is here. They’re completely different. Nothing can be done. I’m sorry ma’am”
Alice fumes.
The documents had no stamps?
It’s fake? Including the signatures?.
That b*tch! She played her so excellently.
If this was fake then it meant Alexa still had the original.
No wonder.
No wonder Alexa and the lawyer are no where to be found for a week now.
Damn it! How could she not realise they played her instead.
She was going to find Alexandra and that lawyer and they’ll pay dearly for fooling her.
Oh they’ll pay.
Fuming,she grabs her purse and storms out,pulling out her phone and dialing a number…
“Yes Lydia. it’s me Alice. Now listen to me. Are you still in contact with Alexa?”
“Yes. Why?” The voice replies.
“You have twenty four hours to find out where she’s hiding. Failure to do so, and you’ll be toast. You know I take my threats seriously. Twenty four hours..” Alice orders and hangs up.


Something tickles my nose and I wiggle it..
Soon, it was followed by a certain strong smell.
The smell burns my nostrils down my windpipe forcing my eyes to flutter open.
I groan.
I blink twice as I spot a figure seated in front of me.
It was William.
Holding a piece of wet cotton and a bottle in his hand.
A look of worry etching his features.
“How Long was I out?” I ask sitting up in bed.
“An hour at most” he replies monotone and I nod.
I look down to see him holding out a bowl of soup.
“I made you some soup. Drink it and have your medicines” he tells me looking away..
A smile creeps up my face.
He may be angry but at least I know he cares a little bit.
“Thank you. Can you please feed me?”
His expression quickly morphs into anger.
And here we go again.
“You only fainted youre not handicapped. Eat and take your medicine.” He snaps and walks out of my room..
I sigh and begin to drink my soup.
The ringing of my phone interrupts me and I pick it up.
I stare at the caller ID.
It was Lydia.
A frown etches on my face instantly as I recall why I passed out in the first place.
Whatever happened that night,She had a major role to play in it..
I may remember only bits of it now but I’ll find out..
I’ll find out what really happened that day but for now,I need to speak to William.
He can’t keep ignoring me forever..
I wait till the phone stops ringing and switch it off.
Drinking some more soup,I take my pills and jump out of bed making my way towards Williams room.
Without knocking,I push the door open and step in.
“William we need to ta…”
I swallow my next words.
Oh holy moly. I’ll give everything to see something like this everyday.
Before me stood a naked William, a towel hanging low on his waist as he wipes his body with another towel. His back was turned to me,his muscles relaxing and stretching with each movement he made..
I gulp.
Oh dear Lord, my eyes have sinned.
Just when I thought I had seen it all,William turns giving me a view of his toned abs and defined chest.
I gasp. My mouth watering.
Oh Lord.
He’s… Hot.
William freezes when he felt my presence..
Our eyes meet..
For some reason, my cheeks heat up and I look away immediately.
“Don’t you know how to knock?!” He thunders.
I open my mouth to reply but I end up closing it again…
I’m totally speechless..
Please get some clothes to wear William,I pray.
Why did I even come here in the first place?
Oh right,to talk to him.
But talk about what?
Oh right, I forgot the minute I saw half nakedness.
He turns away,dips his fingers into a pomade and begins to smear it on his body totally ignoring me..
I gulp. How does a man make smearing your body with cream look so alluring.
“Ugh.. I’m still here” I wave awkwardly.
“In case you’ve forgotten you entered without knocking. So you should have the sense to get the f*ck out!” He snaps..
Okay,ouch. That hurt.
my eyes travel his back and lands on his taut butt.
Hmm,nice butt..
“What?” Williams voice snaps me from my thoughts and I look up to find him staring at me already..
“What did you say about my butt?” He asks walking away from the dressing table and advancing towards me..
Instinctively, I keep taking steps backwards while he keeps advancing till my back hits the wall and I find myself trapped between the wall and William.
He places both hands on the wall on each side of me, completely trapping ne.
I blush at our proximity.. I bite my lip.
William groans..
“Don’t do that”
His eyes are dark,not with anger but a certain kind of emotion I can’t decipher.
“Do what?”
“That. Don’t blush and bite your lip in front of a man the way you’re doing right now.” His breath fans my face and I shiver.
“Because they do things to a man you wouldn’t like to know” he whispers in my ear.
I blush again.
I suddenly feel cold and that’s when I realise he’s walking away from me..
Oh no,no..
He can’t walk away from me.
I want him to keep talking to me.
Even if it’s just us quarreling I still want him to keep talking to me.
“Ugh I was serious about what I said about your butt. It’s quite nice” I say and he stops walking and then turns to face me..
He walks towards me again and grips my waist..
I gasp.
“You…you’re a witch!”
“Ugh what?” I blink.
“I said..”
“Yeah I heard that. Why are you calling me…a..a witch” I stutter..
His fingers dancing around my waist distracting me.
“That’s the only explanation I can come up with. You’re a witch and you’ve cast a spell on me. One minute I’m so mad at you i want to rip your throat and punish you and the next, I want to kiss those lips badly. You drive me insane Alexa” his voice is thick with emotion as he whispers against my neck..
I’m lost for words.
He wants to kiss me?
I bite my lip,as his eyes bores into mine.
William lifts one hand from my waist and brings it to my face as he caresses me.
He brushes a tendril of hair away from my face and tucks it begins my ear..
I shut my eyes,overwhelmed with emotions.
I feel his thumb brush my lower lips, caressing it slightly..
I gasp as a shiver runs down my spine, an unfamiliar emotion coursing through me.
“Open them Alexa. Open those beautiful blue eyes for me” he whispers and I do so.
“I want to kiss you. So badly”
“Then kiss me” I reply.
William brings his head down, breathes into my neck and kisses it…
I gulp, wrapping my arms around his torso.
I throw my head back,giving him space as he peppers my neck with featherlight kisses.
Oh God,this man.
“William” i whisper breathlessly.
His lips travel up my neck, then up my jaw and my chin.
He pulls away only for his lips to brush against mine ever so softly.
“You’re a witch Alexa. And I hate you. You’re my enemy. I hate you for making me hate you yet want you at the same time. I hate you” he whispers against my lips, gripping my waist tighter..
“I hate you too” I reply before his lips comes crushing down on mine,kissing me like there was no tomorrow.

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