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Episode 24

Rubbing the remnants of sleep away from their eyes,they both stare at the woman who was standing in the dark,a shawl covering her head and half of her face.

“Any news?” She asks and they lazily shake their head,yawning.
“Damn it! Where could she be?”
“We don’t know mother” they answer simultaneously.
She frowns.
How could she disappear the face of the earth within just twenty four hours?
“It’s one am Marcus!”
“Exactly why we should be sleeping by now. You didn’t have to wake us up at this ungodly hour” Marcus yawns and Alice clenches her fists, tempted to slap the stupidity out of him.
“You fool! I meant she should be home by now. Where could she be at one am?”
“She never returned from her lectures. Even the new driver is no where to be found” it was Fraser’s turn to reply.
Alice smirks.
Probably they were hurt and were currently hospitalised.
Or better,dead.
“Fine then. Go to bed” she dismisses and her sons hurriedly make their way back into the mansion while she covers her face with the shawl and dissappears into the night…


“Noooo.!” Her screams fill my ears yet again, enraging me the more.
I can’t stand her pain.
I can’t stand her screams.
I can’t stand her tears.
And I can’t stand the fact that I’m the one causing her this much pain.
I’m angry. Angry at myself.
Angry at her for giving me reasons to inflict pain on her..
I watch as she curls herself into a ball and shakes violently. Her breathing heavy and coming in short spams.
“D..don’t…h..hurt…m…me…please” she cries,covering her naked chest.
For a second I want to console her but then when I recall what she did,dark thoughts fill my head once again and in rage,I grab her hair and yank her forward..
I descend into her neck and begin to kiss all over the skin roughly,sliding down to her collarbone.
Letting go off her hair,I yank her hands away from her chest and grip her breasts hard,digging my nails into the flesh while my other hand goes to her underwear…
She stiffens immediately, her entire body shaking violently.
Damn it, damn it!.. Damn it!
I release my hold on her and punch the wall,in a bid to release some anger.
I may be angry without limit but I’m not that much of a monster to r*pe someone.
How dare she?.
Why her of all people?.
“Why Alexa? Why??!!!!” I scream punching the wall repeatedly until it cracks and my knuckles begin to bleed..
Even my damn wound is bleeding now.
I grip my hair and tug at the roots harshly..
“I swear to God I wouldn’t hesitate to hurt you physically if you were a man. Why did you have to be a female? Huh? Why did you have to be the one to cause me so much pain. Upon all the seven billion people on earth why did it have to be you to hurt me? Why?!” I yell at her in frustration. Hot tears blind me and I blink them away…
She whimpers.
There’s no way I’ll cry in front of her.
“W..William… Y..you’re b..bleeding” she moves to touch me and I flinch.
“Don’t f*cking touch me! Get out; get out of my sight before I do something I’ll regret. Leave! Out of my sight! Out out out out!!!!! F*cking get out! Out out!!!” I scream repeatedly punching the wall and she scrambles off the floor and runs back into the guest room,gathering her torn clothes…
Damn you Alexa!
Damn you!


One week.
It’s been a whole week since we got here and life has been hell.
Apart from making occasional video chats with Lydia and Sophie and having my two hour online classes,to say I’m lonely is an understatement.
William has been giving me the silent treatment..
Anytime our eyes meet,either he clenches his jaw and looks away immediately, or he glares at me threateningly.
I know it’s taking all his will power to restrain himself from hitting me or saying something he’ll regret so instead, he gives me the silent treatment.
And it’s the worse form of punishment
I sigh.
I’m currently sitting on the sofa adjacent to him,watching him type away on a laptop Mr Dante got him few days ago after his admission went through.
From the way he’s clenching and unclenching his jaw,I know he knows I’m staring at him..
I sigh again.
All alone in this beach house without stepping out and having someone in the house yet I can’t talk to him is driving me insane.
I have to make a move.
We need to talk and clear things up.
Biting my lip, I get up and slowly make my way towards him.
He begins to type faster and I know he’s aware I’m near him..
Reaching near him,I kneel beside him and touch his thigh…
He flinches but doesn’t take off my hand.
“Will… Can we please talk? It’s very lonely around here.” I say softly.
He stops typing and clenches his fists,shuts his eyes and takes in deep breaths as if composing himself from snapping.
“William… Please don’t avoid me. L..let’s talk…”
I sigh.
“William I’m very hungry and…”.
Suddenly I feel my body fall to the floor as he pushes me.
“Shut up! Shut up! Shut the f*ck up will you?!!” He screams
“William p..please”
He pushes the table aside and bends to grab my hair pulling me up.
I wince.
“Y…you’re hurting me”
“And I will hurt you if you don’t f*cking stop talking to me! I’ve done so much as restrain myself from doing you any harm Alexandra, don’t test my patience!” He yanks at my hair…
Oh God, it hurts.
“Don’t talk to me you b*itch!”
He yells..
Okay I’ve had enough!
He can’t keep calling me a b*tch whenever he damn well pleases when I can’t remember what I’ve done..
With every ounce of strength in me,I yank his hand away from my hair and slap him hard.
“Stop calling me a b*tch for once!” I scream with tears in my eyes.
He staggers back in shock at my audacity but I couldn’t care less right now. I might as well get this over and done with and deal with the consequences later.
“You…you hurt me William. You hurt me so much with your words. They f*cking hurt got it? I’ve endured all your harsh treatments and spiteful words for long but not anymore. You’re hurting me William, please just stop!” I breakdown in tears, not bothering to stop the waterworks cascading down my cheeks.
It hurts when you’re being accused of something you can’t even recall.
I feel my breath hitch,black spots dancing in my line of vision as dizziness overwhelmes me.
I gasp and lean into William, grabbing his shirt to look into his eyes..
“Y…you didn’t even bother to ask my side of the story. You haven’t bothered for once to ask me to tell you what I know. What if your mother is….”
I don’t get to finish when he steps away and grabs my arm, nails digging into my flesh as he eyes me dangerously.
I hiss in pain.
“Lying? You mean to say my mother is lying? Such audacity you have you lying bi…”
“Don’t say it… Don’t call me a b*tch please.” I cut him off in a low voice.
I’m tired. I want to.sleep.
Struggling to keep my eyes open,I look up at him.
“G..give me a chance”
“You have that chance now so speak!”
I nod and hurriedly begin to explain.
“….then we left the bar to go home.. And on the way…” I trail off as my mind draws a total blank..
I can’t remember the rest.
Oh God, I need to remember.
Suddenly, he let’s go off of me as he laughs humorlessly.
“You’re such a pathetic liar. You can’t even come up with a good convincing lie.”
“It’s not a lie!” I scream my defense
“Then prove it! Prove to me that I should trust your lying self instead of my mother!”
Ignoring his hurtful words, I close my eyes and focus on that night.
All I remember is me driving the car to the bar. That’s all.
But I need answers, I need more.
I keep focusing until I see myself enter the car my mother bought me.
And then everything goes blank again.
Damn it!
I focus again.
Then I began to hear voices in my head. My voice precisely.
“Stop the car! You’re going to get us killed! Stop!” I hear my myself scream.
There and then,I came to a conclusion.
I wasn’t the one driving but who was?.
I shut my eyes again trying to remember. A sharp pain courses through my head and I groan.
My head aches badly but I’m not stopping. Not today.
Not now.
I need to know what happened..
And I will

This time, I hear laughter. An evil sadistic,dark laughter coming from a female.
Suddenly images begin to flash to and fro in my mind and I groan as I feel another headache coming on.
There were so many flashes that I couldn’t concentrate but I need to.
I need to know who was behind the steering wheel that night if it wasn’t me.
A blurry image suddenly flashes and I see myself in the car, it was going at an unusually top speed.
I turn to the driver to tell him/her to slow down but all I get is an evil laughter.
“I’ve always waited for this day dearest friend,to kill you and watch your life seep out of you till your heart stops beating. I will gladly plug out your heart with my own two hands and cut it to pieces!” the person says.
That voice.
I know that voice.
But where, how?
I keep replaying the voice in my head repeatedly until the image of the person behind the steering wheel appears albeit a little unclear.
I try to out the pieces together.
That face. That voice. That laughter.
And that’s when recognition hits me.
And the last thing I remember from that night before finally passing out was….
Lydia’s face.

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