I’m trembling.
I bite down on my lip hard till I taste blood,hoping it’ll help stop my trembling but it just keeps getting worse.
I blink,trying hard to keep my tears abay.
I stare at William and then at the woman in the wheelchair.


I feel like I’ve met her before,but I can’t recall.
I just can’t renember anything especially with the fact that she’s currently howling insults and throwing stones at me..

I don’t bother to save myself.

Maybe,just maybe I deserve it.
But why? That’s the question I can’t seem to get an answer to.
Why is she accusing me of being the reason for her current condition?
I don’t know yet I feel a pang of guilt hit me and I can’t pinpoint exactly what the matter is.
“Do you know her Alexa?” William questions and I keep my mouth shut.
What am I supposed to tell him?
That I don’t know her yet I feel like I know her?
It’s like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.
To stay on safer side, I just keep .my mouth shut.
“Alexa?” William calls out again,obviously expecting an answer.
An answer that I dont even have.
“What are you still doing here? Get her out of here! Go!!” The woman continues to scream throwing every object she could pick from the ground at me.
“Mother what’s going on? Please stop hurting her. She’s my boss,I work for her” William tries to speak
“A witch! She’s a witch! Its all her fault!” She screams back.
“I don’t understand mother. What..”
“She’s the one who hit me!” She yells and my eyes widens in shock.
I didn’t need to look at William to know the look on his face mirrored mine.
“She’s the girl who run me over and left me to bleed and die on that lonely road. It’s her William! Tell her to leave this instant!”
At her outburst,William slowly turns to face me while I dread what’s going to happen next.
“Is. That. True?” His voice was slow,precise and dangerously low making me cower in fear.
I grip my purse tightly and gulp.
“Is. That. True?!” He shouts this time and I flinch.
I gulp again.
“William… Umm. I.. I don’t know.. I.. Can’t..”
He cuts me off with a sadistic laughter.
“You don’t know? You run my mother over and you don’t know? Wow Alexandra Wallace, you’re such a gem aren’t you?” He sneers,tears building up his eyes.
I reach out to touch him.
“Will I …”.
“Get your f*cking hands off me you lying b*tch!” He growls and I whimper at the insult.

He goes on to say more but was interrupted when Mr Dante walks towards us.
I forgot he was waiting in the car.
“Anything the matter?” He asks looking between Will and I.
“No. Everything is okay” I plaster a fake smile on my face.
“Yes. Everything is okay. Perfectly okay” William repeats and I don’t miss the double meaning behind his words.
“I thought you said you were going to get some clothes?”
“Ugh no. My clothes no longer fit me so I think I’ll just buy new ones on the way” he lies.
Mr Dante looks suspicious for a minute but then he sighs and decides to let the matter go.
“Very well then. Shall we? We need to arrive before sunrise”
“Sure” William answers and goes to hug His mother. He whispers something into her ear and her eyes flicks to meet mine for a split second.
After a while,he pulls away.
“I’ll call you mother. I promise” he says finally and she nods,her eyes still on me.

I turn and follow Mr Dante into the car while William gets into the drivers seat.
I see him grip the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turn pale.
I sigh.
The rest of the days ahead are going to be dark days for me.
I just know it.

Following the GPS, the car finally Comes to a halt after making so many stops to get some rest.
Its probably one am now.
I look up and realise we’re in front of a beach house. Though it’s very dark,I can still see it’s magnificent beauty.
Sounds of sea waves fill my ears as the breeze blows over my face and I sigh in contentment.
I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Lydia and Sophie.
I hear shuffling behind me and I turn to see William unpacking the luggage, mostly mine.
He doesn’t make eye contact as he brushes past me. He never even tried to make little conversations with me like how he did when he started working for me.
He comes out later and stops.
“Well this is where I leave. I would have stayed but something urgent came up. So I need to return before sunrise. I’ll come back with more groceries. For now,the food in there is enough to last a day for the both of you. And William, I’ll arrange for your admission tomorrow itself so you can begin the online classes as soon as possible. I’m sorry for dragging you into this mess but at the moment,I trust only you to protect her. It’s only for a short while. I’ll increase your salary in two folds as well and get you a doctor to come check up on you” Mr Dante briefs us.
“I’m glad to be of help. I knew what I was getting myself into when I applied to work for such a powerful family.” William answers in a flat tone.
“Good. Get some sleep. I’ll leave with the car and return it. And don’t worry, I’ll take care of Fraser and Marcus” he tells me as he slips into the car and I nod.
I watch as he drives away leaving William and I alone.
As soon as he was out of sight, William turns and marches into the house. I follow him to the kitchen to find him drinking a glass of milk.
We have to talk..
I know he needs answers.
I too need some answers.
Taking slow steps,I close the distance between us.
“William, can we talk?” I whisper.
All I get in return is silence..
“William,please. Hear me out” I try again.
I notice his grip on the glass tighten as he keeps drinking..
I know he’s this close to snapping.
“William..” I was cut off this time by a thunderous growl as william pushes me away harshly and smashes the glass onto the kitchen wall..
I fall.
I whimper as the glass shatters and crawl away from him as he advances towards me. His eyes, dark and lethal.
Without a word, William reaches for his moustache and tugs on it forcefully until it comes off,revealing his face.
I gasp.
I watch on as he opens his eyes wide enough and insers his fingers on the pupil.
To my horror, he pulls out something from his eyes revealing his brown eyes.
That’s when I realise.
He was wearing fake moustache and contact lenses to change his original eye color all this while.
Those eyes.
Mr cutie.
William Wilson.
Fear grips me.
“Remember me Alexa?” He finally pulls off his beard revealing his clean shaven face and I gasp again.
“Wi..William… Y..you..” I stutter.
Shock paralysing Me completely.
It was William Wilson.
Mr cutie.
My driver.
William Wilson and William Gordon are the same person.
“You b*tch!” He growls and grips my hair.
I yell in pain.
“You singlehandedly destroyed me! You imprisoned me for something I didn’t do making me lose my admission! Because of you I’ll forever be known as the ex convict who attempted to rape a rich man’s daughter. Because of you,I was stabbed in prison and left to die! And now it turns out,it’s because of you my mother has been confined to a wheelchair and without a surgery she’ll remain a cripple!” He shouts in my face and I whimper.
Tears building up in my eyes.
“William. I… I swear I can’t remember.. I’m..I’m.sorry.. Your.. Mother…” I stutter hopelessly
“Don’t you mention her name with your filthy mouth! I told you didn’t I? I told you to watch your back and that the day I get released I’ll come haunting for you? You thought I was bluffing yet here I am. You’ve done so many things to me Alexandra. The most unforgivable was hitting my mother and leaving her to bleed to death! You’re a heartless brat! You disgust me! I f*cking hate you! I curse the day I met you!” He spits in my face gripping my hair tightly..
I try desperately to crawl away from him but he drags me back harshly.
I groan when a broken glass pierces my thigh drawing out blood.
I fearfully look up at him,ready to plead for forgiveness,for my life but all I could see was a different person. He looked Like a monster ready to devour me.
He grabs my chin and forces me look him in the eye.
“It’s just you and I now Alexa, in a beach house, in a deserted place,far away from everyone. I swear to God I’ll hurt you. I’ll hurt you so badly you’ll beg for your life. For as long as we remain here I’ll make your life a living hell!”
A lone tear Cascades down my cheeks and he wipes it.
“Tsk tsk tsk baby doll. Don’t cry. Trust me, you’ll need a lot of tears to shed later. You’ll pay. You’ll pay for falsely accusing me. You’ll pay for trying to get me killed…”
Me? Get him killed?
“William what are you…”
He cuts me off again,grabbing my arm.
I wince
“And lastly, you’ll pay for what you did to my mother. I swear you will”
“Y. You’re hurting me Will… Please” I sob.
He just laughs. A narcissistic and sadistic laughter.
“I just started baby doll” he says and begins to touch me.
“Remember how you accused me of attempted rape? How about I commit the crime for real this time hmm?”
Instinctively, I beguyn to kick him repeatedly, crawling away from him.
He pins me to the floor,grabs my dress and rips it apart.
Leaving Me in just my bra and underwear.
I cover my chest with my arms as I shake with fear and sobs.
You can’t let him r*pe me God. Please let me prove my innocence.
Don’t let him hurt me dear Lord.
“William please. Don’t hurt me. Not this. Don’t do this,please. Have mercy” I plead but his eyes held no mercy..
Only anger. Fury.
“For months I nursed this hatred I have for you. I did. But the final blow was me finding out what you did to my mother. You’ll pay! How dare you hit her and run away! Don’t you know she’s the most important person in my life? Huh!” He sneers, hovering over me.
I curl myself into a ball,trying to get out of his grip,yet I fail miserably.
I’m too weak. I’m just a paper compared to his strong build.
“Today I’ll make you scream. I’ll commit the crime you accused me of. For real this time!”
William grabs me forcefully,grabs and then rips my bra open.

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