I stare at her.
Could this be just a coincidence?
Or not?
I question myself.


I shake my head, willing the thoughts away.
No,I can’t be drawing conclusions like this.
I can’t add more to the list I already have of the reasons I hate her.
I look at her and realise her lips are trembling, her eyes shut and hands clenched in tight fists by her sides.
“Ma’am, you okay?” I ask sitting up in the bed.
She doesn’t respond.
She was visibly fighting another attack.
That’s a touchy subject for her and I shouldn’t have asked at all.
It must be horrible to have nightmares and attacks over a night you can’t even remember.
“Alexa? You okay?” I scoot closer to where she sat on the edge of the bed ignoring the pain in my side.
She still doesn’t reply.
Her eyes are still shut tightly.
Again,without thinking,I reach out and hug her sideways due to the position we were in.
I whisper calming words continuously into her ear trying to calm her down.
After a few seconds, she turns fully in my arms,hugging me properly,tightly,applying pressure to my wound in the process. I swallow a painful groan and hug her back,rubbing the back.
She breathes heavily into my chest,I don’t say a word,holdimg on to me for dear life.
She’s so fragile I want to protect her not vice versa.
All I do is stroke her hair softly until she calms down.
Several minutes later, and her face is still nuzzled in my neck,her breathing slowing down now. Only this time,her breathing is steady..
“Alexa?” I call out softly.
“Alexa?” I call out again.
I sigh. She must have fallen asleep.
Shifting on the bed,I ease her slowly on the bed and true enough,she was asleep.
With only a tiny spot on the bed left,I squeeze myself and lay down farther away but then her grip on the gown I wore tightens.
“Please don’t let go. Hold me” she mumbles sleepily.
I sigh,wrapping mybarms around her.
I can’t believe I’m actually going against all my rules for this woman.
Alexa scoots closer, resting her head on my chest digging contentedly.
As much as I hate to admit, it felt good to cuddle with her.
Involuntarily, me eyes never left her sleeping form until sleep comes knocking on my door too and I drift.


She sat in the dark room,her back leaning against the lazy chair while rocking back and forth with both her legs stretched out in front of her on a small table on which stood a bottle of beer and a plate of fries.
Weird combination, but it was all she could afford.
Cheap beer and local fries from a local restaurant.
Leaning forward, she pours herself more beer,chugs it all down her throat in one go and then grabs three fingers of fries, dips it in the ketchup and pushes all into her mouth,chewing.
She sighs.
Grabbing a few more fries,she gets up and heads into the small inner room of the tiny apartment she was currently hiding in.
Glancing around a few times,her eyes finally lands on what she was searching for..
Grinning,she picks up the brown envelope and rips it open.
She pulls out the documents and reads through, her smile growing an inch wider with each word she read.
She looks at the bottom and realises only Mr Dante’s signatures were on the documents.
The other parts were blank, meaning Alexa hadn’t yet signed her part.
Great! Just great!
Now all she had to do was find herself a good lawyer,sign the blank parts and Boom!
She’ll automatically have the power of attorney and only her signature will be required to cash out money any moment.
F*ck! It felt so good to be rich again.
Alice smirks.

He sat on the king sized bed,still in his pyjamas,reading a newspaper.
The door to his bedroom suddenly bursts open and someone barges into the room. He doesn’t bother to look up and find out who it was because if there was anyone else besides him,who knew he was alive and living in one of his secret mansions, it was Mr Dante. His lawyer and friend.
Sighing, he closes the newspaper, folds it neatly,puts it down and lifts his head to stare into the blazing eyes of Mr Dante
“What now? Is there any problem?” He asks.
“Of course. There’s not a f*cking problem!” The lawyer sneers sarcastically.
He frowns.
“Watch your language when you speak to me to me Dante! I’m your employer and you’re my employee”
“That’s where you’re f*cking wrong Henry! I’m your lawyer. And I can stop working anytime I damn well please without having to bother about you firing me. Besides all that,I was and still is your friend and I’ll tell you when you’re being stupid because right now,you’re not only being stupid but selfish too!” Mr Dante yells.
Henry springs off his bed glaring equally at him.
“Pray tell me,what happened for you to forget your manners and speak to me in such a disrespectful manner Dante? Pray tell me!”
“Your daughter was almost crushed to death yesterday. That’s what f*cking happened Henry!”
He shouts, throwing his hands up in the air exasperatedly.
Henry’s eyes go wide as shock overcomes him.
Nevertheless, Mr Dante continues
“And here you are,resting peacefully in bed,eating and drinking all the goodies there is on earth without a need to worry”
“You know I did it for her safety!” Henry,finding his voice shouts back, defending himself albeit weakly.
“Oh bullshit Henry! Bull-f*cking-shit! We both know the real reason you faked your death. It wasn’t to protect your daughter. You did it to protect yourself. Hell! I can’t even believe those twins are actually are your kids and you brought them home as your step kids? Wow Henry! Just when I thought you couldn’t stoop any lower and you go pull this trick!” Mr Dante shakes his head in disgust.
Henry was quiet, refusing to defend himself.

Mr Dante continues
“Do you know hiw broken your daughter was when she found out the kids she thought were her step brothers were actually her blood brothers? And you know the most painful thing? It’s the fact that after hiding this secret for seventeen good years,she had to find out after your supposed ‘death’ during the battle for the inheritance. Yes Henry,your own children were fighting,ready to kill Alexa because of inheritance. If you knew those twins were so ambitious why didn’t you share the money fairly? Why let them take it out on Alexa?! Huh?”
“I had a good reason. Alexa is much more farsighted and wiser. She’ll be capable of running my companies well” Henry answers
“For how long? For how long will she run your companies for you thinking you’re dead? Until she’s what? Thirty? Fifty? Sixty? And you’ll finally show up and be like ‘hey,I’m alive!’ Is that it?!”
Mr Dante growls, sarcasm dropping off his voice.
“Don’t say it that way Dante” he sighs
“Then how the f*ck do I say it? It’s been a whole year and you’re still in hiding. While all your enemies are out there chasing after Alexa. And now that,the Will has been read, if word goes out that your nineteen year old daughter is now the sole owner of your entire properties and CEO of your companies, she’s going to be the main target. You just handed your daughter to the hungry lions on a silver platter Henry!”
Henry sighs again,looking conflicted
“No. They won’t hurt her. They can’t”
“Oh really? If they had almost succeeded In killing you in that hospital which resulted in you faking your death,do you think they’ll find it difficult to murder her too? She’s just nineteen. She’s defenseless and she’s an easy target. With thevsnso of a finger she’ll be dead meat,you know how deadly your enemies are right?”
Mr Dante laughs dryly.
“You don’t get it do you? You still don’t realise how many enemies you made? You still don’t realise that each and every one of them is after her? Well then let me refresh your memory oh dearest friend. Remember the man who gave you his life savings so you could start a business? Remember your very best friend, umm Scott? You both started the shipping company together with joint monies but what happened when you hit the jackpot? You ditched them and forgot to honor your promise. You took all the glory for yourself. And all those people who helped you become the Henry Wallace that you are today, you ditched them all and treated them like garbage when you became powerful, forgetting every sacrifice each of them made to get you where you are today. All those people you used just to get to the top. You betrayed a lot of people Henry. You destroyed so many lives just to get to the top and now that,they’re angry and after you to get back their monies,you faked your death to escape thereby throwing your daughter into the lions den instead. You’re nothing but coward and a pathetic bastard who puts his safety first before his children. In fact as of this moment I quit! I quit being your lawyer because one day,you’ll end up ditching me too when I become of no use just like all those men and I refuse to be one of them. Just remember this Henry, if anything happens to your daughter,her blood will forever be on your head! You Coward!” He spits in fury and storms out,banging the door behind him.

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