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TRAUMA Episode 24



Trauma Episode 24


Bolaji and his mom are both sitting at the dining table enjoying their dinner.
“Mummy, is tomorrow my birthday ?” Bolaji asked.
“Baby, you have to be patient. It isn’t tomorrow but this coming Sunday and I promise to celebrate it for you ” she answered.
“Can I invite my friends to come ”
“Sure, invite them all. It will be fun ” she said.

“Mummy, is Daddy going to come? ”
Jummy’s expression suddenly changed with her child’s question.
“Come on shut up and continue with your food ” She shouted at him.
The little boy stopped eating and started crying.
“Blessing has a dad, Mayowa has a dad. Where is my Daddy? I want to see my Daddy.” the little boy cried.

A drop of tears accidentally trickled down from Jummy’s eyes and she quickly cleaned it before her son could see it. She drew closer to him.
“Dear, stop crying. I have already told you that your Daddy has traveled abroad. Don’t worry I will call and beg him to attend your birthday ” She said.
“Really? Mummy, I love you ” he said happily.
“I love you too, now continue eating your food ” She instructed.

Bisi drove Jummy to a duplex in a very serene neighborhood and pulled over.
“Where are we? And what are we doing here? ” Jummy asked.
“Baby girl, just trust me on this one ” she replied before opening the door and heading for the gate.
A few seconds later, the gate was opened and they both walked into the house. Bisi ushered her to sit down while she went in to bring her the surprise. Jummy was astounded when she saw Bisi walked in with their old friend Tolu.

“Oh my God Tolu, it’s been such a long time ” she rushed to hug her.
“You are really looking good Jummy” Tolu said.
“You are not looking bad yourself. Is this your house? ” Jummy asked.
“Yes, this is her matrimonial house. And you can never guess who the lucky man is? ” Bisi said.
“Who is he? ” Jummy asked.
“He is no other person than, My dear Bayowale Adedokun” Tolu replied.

“You mean that same Bayo you dated in school? ” She asked.
“Yes, my friend dragged him to the altar last year ” Bisi added.
“Whao, am happy for you. Congratulation ”
“So what about you, are you hooked ” Tolu asked.
“You can say I am” Jummy replied.
“Tell us about the lucky guy,” Bisi said.
“His name is Omobolaji Adewuyi, you girls should really see how handsome he is ” Jummy replied.

“Do you have his picture on your phone? Oya show us, let’s see him” Tolu said.
Jummy brought out her phone and showed them her son’s picture.
“Is this your son? ” Bisi asked.
“Yes, my one and only lover” Jummy replied.
“Wait, is this the baby you had? ” Bisi asked.
“Yes, that is my Bolaji ”
Tolu’s expression changed as she saw her husband’s son.
“Where is Bayo working now? ” Jummy asked.
“He manages one of his father’s companies” Tolu replied trying to calm herself.
“Let me get inside and fix something for you two then we can talk and gist ” She went inside.

Juwon’s car pulled over at the gate of Jummy’s house. The door opened and Bolaji with his Aunty came down.
“Uncle will you come to my birthday on Sunday,” Bolaji asked.
“Is this Sunday your birthday?” Juwon asked.
“Yes, and my mummy told me to invite all my friends,” Bolaji said.
“Don’t mind him, sir, that’s how he has been telling everyone about his birthday ” the Aunty said.
“It’s alright. I promise to come. Have a nice day ” Juwon said before he zoomed off and then Aunty led Bolaji into the house.

TRAUMA Episode 23

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

Unique and Simple

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1 Comment

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