Kaylie was in the bathroom, humming to herself. She always does that when she’s happy. It was the second day of spending the night at Chase’s place and everything was back to normal.
She dried herself with the towel and finally stepped out of the tub. She could perceive the aroma of whatever Chase was cooking….

“If you don’t finish bathing on time, there will be no food left for you.” She heard him shout from the kitchen.
“Ha! You wish! If that happens then I will just keep my good news to myself.” She shouted back, now walking to the kitchen barefooted with only the towel tied around her.
She hugged him from behind, resting her head firmly on his back.

“Oh my God, something smells so good in here.” She said, sniffing.
“Baby, are you really not gonna tell me the good news you have been hiding all morning?” Chase asked, turning around to embrace her.
“Nope.” She replied, shaking her head. “I will wait till dinner which is gonna be anytime soon.” Planting a kiss on his lips, she pulled away.
“Not fair,” Chase shouted as she laughed and walked away.

Kaylie was glad that things were going back the way it should. Maybe there was no problem, after all, maybe it was just her own insecurity. She has been comparing him to her ex and she has started seeing things the way she has earlier experienced. She knew she had to stop doing it. Chase wasn’t the cause of her problem, after all, she definitely was the problem and if she keeps comparing him to her ex, she knew things would get worse.

She stopped in front of the mirror, looking back at her own reflection.
“Kaylie, you need to stop thinking about your ex. He is not Chase! They are two different people!” She said to herself sternly. At that moment, she caught sight of the package on the bed and it brought her some relief. This vacation would give them the spike needed in their relationship, she thought. Some moments alone with him in a romantic setting would bring back all the old feelings that must have been forgotten and then, finally they could move in together.

“Dinner is set!” Chase announced.
“Okay, coming chef!” She shouted back and rushed to the closet where some of her clothes were kept. She finally found the gown she just got for the evening, it was short and perfect for the evening. Chase had always loved her on something short, he said it makes her legs more beautiful being a tall lady. Well, right now, she needed to keep making him fall for her and the dress was just one of the materials required.

**** **** *****

Some minutes later, he was at the table waiting for her. Chase had no idea what she wanted to say but he was excited to hear it. He was finally getting a hold of himself and as the shrink had said, he just needed time off anything that would remind him of his ex except he was ready to confront his girlfriend about it and this was not a choice. He was happy to go for the other choice.

He saw her come out of the room in a greenish-blue short gown which clung delightfully to her hips. Her lustrous curled hair was rolled to the top of her hair, bouncing with each step she took. He smiled as she came closer, he could see a parcel in her hand.
“You are so beautiful.” He said before she sat down.
“And you are so cute.” She replied, sliding into her chair while he reached across to kiss her. The aroma of the enormous food before her wafted into her nostrils, making her mouth water.

She could see eggs, hams, and piles of fried potatoes.
“Oh my God Chase! This is enormous! You know it’s not too late to become a chef right?”
He laughed and shook his head. “No thanks. I only cook for special occasions.” He replied. Cooking has always been one of his hobbies but he has never considered going professional with it.

“Well, before we start, I want to make a toast.” Chase began, lifting up his glass of wine while she did the same.
“This is to a beautiful woman who has been patient with me through the years and to a beautiful love that will last forever.”
They both smiled as their glasses clicked before taking a sip out of their drinks.
“So…” Chase began as he ate. “What about that good news?”
Kaylie smiled. “You don’t want to wait till the end of the dinner?”

“Come on babe! You made me wait till dinner now you want me to wait till after dinner?”
Kaylie laughed. “Okay sorry, but you have earned it so I will just spill it.” She replied and took up the parcel. She kept smiling as she opened it and brought out a letter which she handed to him.

Chase collected from her, half smiling and with a suspicious look. “What’s in it?”
Kaylie said nothing. “Read it, Chase.” She replied while she continued with her food while at the same time studying his facial reaction.
Earlier that morning, she had got a mail from Hatteras Island confirming their beach house and she had been so super excited about it.

She watched as Chase opened the letter. His expression went from curiosity to ….nothing! He looked expressionless.
“Wow! Nice.” He said with no excitement in his voice before folding the letter and handing it back to Kaylie who looked confused.
“Wow? Nice?” Baby, this is what we paid for and we are really lucky to have actually gotten the house, why are you not excited?”

Chase gave off a half smile. “Baby, I am, good job okay?” He said before lifting his glass to his lips and gulped down the remaining drink.
Kaylie was quiet as she watched him. He was all of a sudden off again, as the last time but she said nothing. They ate quietly and she couldn’t help but wonder what the problem was again. Why does he always do this to her?

“Chase, what is going on?”
“Nothing babe.”
“Your face just changed and it’s like you are clearly not as excited as I am.”
“Baby, sorry, you will need to excuse me, I just remember there is something I need to do.” He said coming over to give her a rough kiss on the cheek and then excused himself.
Kaylie watched him as he left the room and suddenly, her appetite was gone even though she had been quite hungry earlier. She could hear his car as he zoomed off. Her cutlery made a clattering noise as she dropped them in the plate.

She felt weak all of a sudden. This was draining her, his being hot and being cold at the same time was making her feel like something was leaking out of her…like she was losing energy so fast and she was just tired of it but one thing she had just realized was that he had something to hide and she was going to find out.

That night she waited for him, hoping he would come back home but he didn’t. She was no longer feeling sorry for herself she was just angry with him. Angry that after all her the time she had spent trying to make him step up, blaming herself for many things and trying to make things right, he still preferred to shut her out. Later on that night, she went back to her place, promising herself not to let this bother her.




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