The Church Scandal (Episode 14)

The Church Scandal

The Church Scandal

Inibehe stared at the ornately carved wood, it
looked exactly like the one he has in his house.

The Church Scandal (Episode 13)

He was alone with the shadows of his troubled thoughts. He stalked back to the window. It had stopped raining and a light mist was rolling in over Kirkwall hotel in Orkney Scotland. Clouds circled the moon, making him think of the days he would sit with Nduke on the rain, by the beach side.

He‟d been in Scotland for a month, and for a day he‟d not looked at the face of Uduak. They had not achieved their adventurous trip Uduak had planned.

He was about to turn away when she hugged
him backwardly.
“We have been here for a month now, and
you‟ve not touched me. I am your wife now Ini, touch me, I am your wife! I am not a piece of furniture who doesn‟t have feelings.” Her eyes widened.

The Church Scandal

“I destroyed something special to be with you. That is enough for now. Give me time to know you better.” He said softly.

“Damn it! damn whatsoever special thing you
had. Do you know how many men I walked out from to be with you?”

“You shouldn‟t have come to me then. I never
called you. I never paid a dime on you, my
father did. I never asked you to marry me. I was on my own when your godmother…”

“Your mother…” She cuts in angrily.
“You have no idea how you make me feel Ini. I
loved you then, I love you now…”
“But I don‟t love you! I don‟t care how you feel
anymore. leave me at peace. I detest naggers.

Just go out, stroll around the beach side and
leave me in peace.” He said and walked out of
the room to the inner suite.

There was tension, as it drained on Uduak‟s
body. She nodded painfully to herself, and sat on the bed.

Inibehe was a bitter man who felt
unaccomplished in life. The last thing he needed was Uduak‟s body pasting on his. He hated the sound of her voice, her face, and the way she talked to him insolently.

Nduke had never done that to him
even in her worse moments, he thought.
He‟d ran his hands around his neck, and when he felt the texture of the necklace, his heart skipped. He knew what it was, it was a reminder that his better half was somewhere with the same necklace, thinking of him and waiting to be found again.

He didn‟t want to open the pendant, so that he won‟t see her face. It could drive him crazy. He might want to escape to London and never go back home again.

Now he wondered what had befallen him.
One month a husband, and his wife still looked strange to him.

The Church Scandal

He heard Uduak‟s cry from the inner room. His heart hurt, he hates to hurt someone, especially a woman.

He walked slowly to the inner room and sat by her on the bed. He surprised her by hugging her firmly.

“I am so sorry, I have been rude to you. I didn‟t mean that.”
Tears dampened his shirt. She was tempted to unbutton his shirt and begin to kiss him from his sweet face to the zip of his trousers. But she was scared, he was going to resist and that will hurt her again.

He didn‟t think much of her as a wife. He wanted her to be his friend, follow her heart, fall in love with another man, while he goes to the love of his life.

Clenching her fingers into his palms, she told
herself she couldn‟t care less what he thought about her, but she would never leave him for any other woman. They were in this together, whether he wanted to recognize that fact or not.

More than that, she would go back to Prophetess Nene and fast and pray more for the chains between him and whoever he‟d love to be broken.

Prophetess Nene had told her that the woman he thinks of used juju to buy his soul and heart. And she was not ready to stand that. She will fast and pray with the seven stones of Jerusalem which she‟d paid money for, and she will have her man back.

“It‟s lunch time. let us go eat.” Inibehe said. It
was the first time he‟d said that to her. His
breath smelled like peaches, she perceived it.

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