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25/04/2019 Temmy_D 1

UNTWISTED    Clara had just returned from school, tired and sweaty in her not too sophisticated dress. It has really been a lousy and exhausting […]

Death wish

DEATH WISH (Episode 1)

15/02/2019 Ellen Eliza 5

What will you do when you die and you are given the chance to make just one wish?
What will it be and why?
Join me on the journey of discovery as Adrian Kapala, a young Angolan CEO who was shot by one of his security personnel died and was given the chance to make a wish.

Far away from seeking vengeance, Adrain chose to find love. His wish was to go back to earth to find love, something he never had when he was alive.

And so being sent back to earth into a poor family in a strange land/country, would he succeed in finding his love?

And after fulfilling his only wish, would Adrian live to enjoy his newly found love or he would he be sent back to the land of the dead leaving the love of his life to mourn his second death??