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ICHABOD (Episode 1)

11/04/2019 Organicarticle 3

He was cursed on his wedding day for a crime he did not commit. Now he has to go through eternity to redeem his soul. There is only one problem though, he is not alone….

Write My Story (Chapter Seven)

11/02/2019 Organicarticle 1

“I don’t like this game you are playing”

“Oh nice, you don’t talk?” The guy standing beside her pressured her. Charlotte looked up at him, shook her head and kept on smiling. Rita would soon be here. The bass from the music was stronger now as the song had changed but she managed to keep pace with it.

Write My Story (Chapter Six)

09/02/2019 Organicarticle 0

“Zerah is a weakling in bed!” a woman, Aholibamah, who has been teased for a while, says.

“How so?” says Amah

“Yes … how so?” Another called Revel says.

“We had not even started when it all ended!”