13/01/2019 Organicarticle 3

PAULO “Paulo! What the hell are you doing, can’t you hear the sirens?” He turned to look at me his eyes blood shot, a sheer […]


12/01/2019 Organicarticle 2

ADESUWA The loud blast of the gun sent chills down everyone’s spines. Sorrowful cries floated in the air. Even the Oba, the 13th king of […]


12/01/2019 Organicarticle 2

“LOST” On the bus that carried me to Odogbolu, there were no pastors. No one stood and hushed — even if momentarily — the conversations […]


11/01/2019 Organicarticle 2

As they drove to ancient Ilisan to see their seventy-four-year old paralytic grandmother, Iya Olobi, Olamide looked around at her brother Jide, who sat quietly […]


20/10/2018 Organicarticle 0

The Nigerians Hope, faith, dreams, vision, guilt, deceit, are elements that shape existence, the way people live, what they do, how they act and react […]


12/09/2018 Organicarticle 0

The day of Ebuka’s trial dawned on a watered earth. It had rained heavily the previous night. At about three a.m Mama had come into his […]


08/09/2018 Organicarticle 2

It happened, like most things do, slowly at first, and then all at once. Upon waking one morning, as the dancing reflections of a new […]


07/09/2018 Organicarticle 1

Ever since Toyese was small, he could remember his grandmother playing the piano. He would go to her house during holidays and find her playing […]