How To Stay Productive While Working From Home


If only every establishment allows its staff to work from home, will the world be a better place? I would not readily say yes because while many will prefer to stay at home on a Monday morning, it can become boring and less fun.

However, a few offices now practices virtual organization system and some do not. Some people will be on leave and still be working. While some will be on casual leave but their type of work will still decide that they work from home. Also, most professionals do not need to be present in the office to continue working.

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”
Alain de Botton

The most fun part about working from home is the beautiful fact that you get to do some serious work without pants. How cool does that sound?

So while this may not be fun because of some restrictions and limited access to a few things, let’s dive into how to make it still productive.

1.Wake Up Like You Are Going To Work

Wake up! It’s morning…Fine, we all know you aren’t going to step out of the comfort of your room but you still need to get your lazy ass up and get dressed and tidy up your room like you are going to work. Remember, the idea is to stay productive even while you are home.

2.  Define Your Home Work Space

Please don’t tell me your work space is on your bed, you’d just go back to another round of sleep. And it could make your bedroom even less accommodating. So create a space within your home that activate your senses and remind you “It’s work time”.

3. Structure your Schedule and Stick To It

What time do you arrive at the office and begin the day work…stick to it like that as well. Don’t even for a moment feel like you are home as that can be distracting and defeat the purpose.

4. Do Not Start The Day in Your Pajamas

This will keep reminding you that the bed is close by and you can easily snuggle into it. Get dressed, wear some loose or serious clothing and get behind the desk with your To-do list.

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5. Turn Off Your Data

Unless you would need it, turn it off. Those WhatsApp or Facebook Notifications can really come in distracting and before you know it, you’ve abandoned the work and scrolling through tweets and Instagram feeds. You do not need any form of distraction while working. This bring us to the next point.

6. Keep Your Pets Away

You do not want your cat scratching your computer keypad, neither do you want you dog leaving its dump on a client’s document. Hence it’s best to keep your pets crated while you are working from home.

7. Communicate With Your Colleagues

Since you are out of the office and not bumping into your colleagues, listening to their incessant complain, or their call in from time to time, communicate with them; send emails, engage in video calls and send out instant messages to keep in touch. This keeps abreast with what is happening in the office. 

8. Music Therapy

Do you know music is a good form of working. While at work, I sometimes listen to music when I’m tensed or overwhelmed. So while working at home, get a good song that goes with the work flow.

9. Take Breaks

You are not a machine, my friend. Take some breaks. Take a walk to the kitchen, and get something light to eat. Walk down the street and come back home, just in time to continue again.

10. Have A Bottle Of Water On Your Desk

This help to keep you hydrated and curb unnecessary pangs of hunger that keep reminding you the kitchen is just a stone throw away. You do not want to add extra kg just because you decided to work at home.

Have you ever had to work from home or your job is so flexible you can work from home? How have you manage to do this? How do you cope with distractions. Join the conversation.

Written by Akingboye Deborah of Debs Corner

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