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Organicarticle Essay Writing Competition

Welcome to Organic Article End of the Year Essay Writing Competition
Do you have the courage? boldness? and Swag to be the the winner of the competition this year? Lets dive right into it..

What are the Requirements

  1. Follow our blog. (you can do this by locating the widget by the top right, make sure you submitted your valid email address )
  2. Follow Us on Social Medias (Click Facebook | Twitter | Instagram to follow us)
  3. DM us on our Facebook Page after perfoming the above steps
  4. You have to pay the sum of 1000naira (Registration Fee), after successful payment
  5. Submit your writeup

Topic: Early Marriage; “Positive or Negative Impact to Society”


  1. Not Less than 450words and not more than 500words
  2. Entries begin 15th of December and closes 20th of December 2018

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