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I kept praying and hoping for a miracle but all I could feel was emptiness I felt forsaken and abandoned, I knew my parents would be down and close to death as I was their only surviving child. My elder brother died six years ago after a serious illness and I was very sure that the news of my disappearance will definitely get them devastated.

I hoped and prayed for the day I would get out of this mess, I looked forward to seeing my parents again with this thought I wept every day.

A day came when we heard shooting of guns I was so scared and I thought the end had finally come; I never knew soldiers had launched a surprise attack all I heard was the word “run” so I took to my hills and ran for my life, some soldiers saw me and took me in their van they assured me that all was well.

They took me to my parents, on getting home my father hugged and wept like a baby, he told me the news of my disappearance had affected my mother and she was in the hospital, he took me to the hospital just with the sound of my saying “mum” my beautiful mother who was now looking so pale opened her eyes I knew she was in so much pain but she was glad to see me that she almost jumped out of her bed but I had to go hug her and we all cried for joy, It was a beautiful family reunion.

I got scholarship to study in London but the truth was that I was terribly hurt I’ve vowed to be a virgin till my wedding night and then all of a sudden a guy I don’t even know his name took it forcefully. I kept asking myself so what was the point of keeping myself? I should have done it when all my friends were doing it.

I was suppose to leave for London a month after I was rescued but my mother noticed I was not happy she tried to make me talk but I just wouldn’t they got a psychologist who after several attempts I opened up to.

I will share with you the notes she gave me


You are a great woman, I will call you a well kept woman, and you are a strong lady everybody should use as a role model. You have been traumatized, bitten and almost killed yet you never gave up. Thank you for opening up to me.

Don’t feel bad because you felt your virginity deserved a better personality, have you asked yourself that what if you were killed because you are not well kept imagine your best friend Lydia was killed because she was not a virgin? You have reasons to be grateful you have been tested and nothing was found wrong in your body system.

I know it’s hard but until you forgive them you might never find peace, until you allow the lord to heal your heart ad allow Him fight for you; you’ll keep on hating yourself. You need to let go of the hurts and pains.

You are a great woman!”

I read the notes over and over, I chose to forgive it was hard but I did it, I asked God to help me and I felt loved again.

Today I have a masters degree and I’m currently a lecturer in Harvard university, I’m sharing my story with you because I have found peace and I’m happily married.

I have  NGOs in different countries in Africa that caters for young men and women who have been abandoned by the society; I come to Africa often to oversee it.

That pain might be for your moving forward. It was the abduction that led to me traveling abroad and helping others. Don’t give up.

This is my diary and my name is still Olamide!


A lot of times life gets in the way and people hurt you, just look at Ola she never planned to be abducted and raped but if she wanted the best for herself then she had to forgive. Forgiveness is not because of the person that hurt you it’s for your own joy and peace.

No matter what life throws at you don’t sit down and wallow in your own pains and tears there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

Keep going we are closer to success every time we fail.

Omodara Onome

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