Nigerians protesting death of PhD student in Malaysia reportedly arrested by Nigeria embassy

Nigerians who came out to protesting the death of a PhD student in Malaysia deportation camp have reportedly been arrested by the Nigerian embassy.
Some concerned Nigerians living in Malaysia who were at the Nigerian embassy protesting in “peaceful” manner over the death of a Nigerian PhD student who died after an unlawful detention by the Malaysian authority have reportedly been arrested.
According to reports from the allegedly arrested Nigerians, they had wanted to carry out the protest earlier on Thursday, July 11, but were asked to get a “police warrant” for the protest. They claim they later got one but were surprised that the police was ready for them on Friday, July 12, with armed trucks blocking them off.
It was gathered from an unverified report that the doctor student already had diploma, BSc, Masters and with his PhD in view from Limkokwing University.
Read report obtained by Legit below.

“Nigerians living in Malaysia was on a peaceful protest calling out the staff of the Embassy to stand up and stand out with the Malaysian Immigration for unlawfully detention of a PhD student of Edo state origin who later died in the Malaysian Immigration custody who later died about 6 days after.
“Now the peaceful protest was marched in front of our Nigerian Embassy yesterday noon, but the Royal Malaysian Police called the protesters to do it in a lawful way to seek and go get a “Police Warrant” to enable them carry out their successful protest which they convene a small meeting and dispersed for today and went to Bukit Aman Police State which is the HQ like the Edet House in Abuja and they were granted a Permit Warrant to protest the death of one of us, but what did our embassy did?
“Nigerians re-grouped today this morning, but you will be shocked what happened next? They called the same police to station their trucks and motorcycles around the embassy and all roads leading to the embassy and mandated them to pick up any Nigerian see around the embassy premises on any embassy business or not. This happened this afternoon today Friday, 12th July, 2019. Let this be on record.”
They also claim that the Malaysian authority have always abused their rights because they know that the Nigerian government would not do anything to save them.
“The student who died had his diploma, BSc, Masters and now PhD in view from same private Limkokwing University. The said student was in possession of his valid documents with valid Visas and valid passport yet he was kept in their custody for no reason.
“With this kind of our embassy attitude made the Malaysian Police and security outfits to seize your passport and documents they will boldly tell it to your face that “your Embassy will not do anything…”

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