Meet The 18 Year Old Conjoined Twin, Nelly And Neeva Who Can Never Be Separated (VIDEO)

The video of two conjoined twins who can never be separated has emerged.

Despite only ever seeing each other through a reflection in a mirror, Neev and Nelly have formed an unbreakable bond and admit they would never want to be separated from each other.

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Neev and Nelly Kolestein, have been attached by the back of their heads for 18 years but that hasn’t stopped their determination to change the way people view disability

Neev and Nelly Kolestein
Neev and Nelly Kolestein

Even though it is a rare occurence to see conjoined twins but there has been records of such twins that has been separated before.

The twins in a viral video explaned their struggles and daily trials as they battle about the mystery being joined forever.

Their sister also explained how they were tried to separate them but proved futile as it was never possible,

Watch the video below:

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