‘Marry When You Are Ready, Not When You Are Ageing’ – Reno Omokri


Society usually expects men and women to get married by the time they clock certain ages, Nigerian Author and Lawyer, Reno Omokri does not think this is a good idea.

Reno advised singles never to set a particular age by which they must marry.

Per his advice, singles should marry when they’re ready not when they’re ageing.

According to Omokri, a former presidential aide, no one should go into marriage just because they are ageing, b ut because they are ready for it.

Taking to his Twitter page this morning, he wrote:

“Never set an age by which you must MARRY. DEADLINES cause DEAD LIVES. MARRIAGE is for when you are READY, not when you are AGEING.

If you feel like winning a COMPETITION, go into SPORTS, not into MARRIAGE. There’s no GOLD MEDAL for the first to MARRY.

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