MAGUN (The Swift Killer)

MAGUN (The Swift Killer)

MAGUN (The Swift Killer)


It hadn’t been up to an hour that Badmus landed in the country when he had started thinking of how to see his longtime girlfriend, Juliet. Despite the fact that they had been thousands of miles away, their relationship never suffered. The innumerable chats and calls they shared over the years made Badmus understood that Juliet had kept their fire of love burning. He, on the other hand, had a fling with few girls but none of them mattered because Juliet had captivated his heart.

Badmus noticed a sudden change in Juliet’s behavior since the day he mentioned to her that he would be coming back to the country. He had supposed she would be extremely delighted by the news but instead, she had been a little cold. It was only when he asked why she wasn’t thrilled about him coming home that she had offered a few congratulatory remarks. That had been the last time he heard from her. Badmus had tried her number severally but the call just wouldn’t connect. At first, he thought it was the network but after his effort to reach her online proved abortive, he knew something was definitely wrong.

A new sim had been bought on his way from the airport, he knew the news of his return would have traveled fast and people would soon start disturbing him. His old sim was removed and the new sim inserted. He thought on the first person to call and the only name that popped into his brain was Juliet. With faith, he dailed the number and luckily it rang. Badmus never believed his luck until he heard his lover’s voice. He reprimanded her for going AWOL on him and she apologized. He told her he was in town and Juliet agreed to come to see him at the hotel the following day.

The only thought that occupied Badmus’ mind that night was how wonderful it would feel to see his lover again, feel the warmth of her skin and taste the sweetness of her lips. At first light the following morning, he dashed out to the supermarket, bought lots of flowers. wine and greeting cards all in a bid to make the moment he would spend with Juliet spectacular. Little did he know that he was digging his own grave.

When he got a call from the receptionist announcing Juliet’s arrival, his heart leaped for joy. He got up and arranged everything in its place. The door bell rang seconds later and when he opened it, the figure standing at the door step ceased his breath for a few seconds. She threw herself at him and Badmus pressed her firmly into his bosom as if she would disappear the moment he relaxes his grip. Tears streamed down Juliet’s face as she felt the touch she had craved for all these years and something she thought had long been dead and buried sprang to life.

The flames of passion were ignited the moment their bodies aligned and even though none of the duos hadn’t wished for it, they found themselves consuming each other in a deep, long-lasting game of intimacy. A few minutes later the lay sprawled on the bed, exhausted.
“Badmus, there is something I need to tell you,” Juliet said in a deep sad tone.
The expression on her face made him guess the severeness of whatever she was going to say, so he listened with rapt attention.

“What is it, my dear?” He asked with deep concern.
“We can’t continue our relationship because I am already married.”
The word ‘married’ sent Badmus reeling in shock and he would have sworn she was joking if tears weren’t rolling down her face as she speaks. Juliet had anticipated yelling, curses and even violence but none of those were happening. Badmus’ silence was frightening, she tried to guess what was going on in his mind but she couldn’t. She blamed herself for not telling him earlier but she had lost the courage do so. Badmus had announced his intention of coming home while Juliet was summoning the courage to let the cat out of the bag.

Juliet was shocked when a smile suddenly appeared on Badmus’ lips and before she knew it, the smile had metamorphosed into wild laughter.
“Do you know something funny, while I was away I missed the way the roosters over here crow.”
“KUU KUU RUU KUUU” Juliet watched in disbelief as Badmus crowed like a cock. After crowing three times, he slumped on the bed.
She was thrown into utmost confusion as Badmus’ body lay motionless on the bed. She tried to revive him but soon realized he was already gone. It was then that it became dawn on her that she had been the death trap. Someone had laced her with the curse and she knew it could be no other person than Bayo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bayo was relaxing on the sofa when he suddenly saw his wife barged in. Juliet who couldn’t stand being found with Badmus’ corpse had taken a dearly escape by leaping out of the bathroom window and jumped over the hotel fence to a nearby bush where she found her way home.

“You are an evil man Bayo, how dare you place MAGUN on me?” She accused.
Bayo jolted out of the sofa as his wife stormed in, throwing accusations at him.
“What the hell are you talking about darling?” He asked, feigning innocence.
“Don’t dare play games with me you callous bastard, an innocent man just lost his life because of your insecurity.” She confessed.

His expression changed the moment he heard what she said.
“That confirms my suspicion that you have been sleeping around.” Bayo blurted. He had spied into his wife’s phone one day and had seen the numerous chats she had with Badmus. He had also overheard their conversation the previous night and that was why he had decided to test one of the legacies, his herbalist father left behind.

Juliet flayed up and lurched at her husband, locking the polo of his shirt.
“God will punish you for what you have done. You will definitely spend the rest of your life in misery.” She cursed.
Bayo got angry and ended up hitting her severally. The more she tried to retaliate the more terrible the beating got and when her body couldn’t take it anymore, she gave up the ghost.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe
Note: Magun is a Yoruba charmed placed on a woman suspected of adultery. Anyone who sleeps with such woman while the charm is on her dies mysteriously.

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