LONG DESIRE (Facing the Demon)

Long desire

LONG DESIRE (Facing the demon)

By Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

Men are monsters and Women are evil because we are all human and humans are born wicked. The holy book says, “The heart of man is filled with evil every day.” A wise man also said, “Everyone has a seed of wickedness in their heart but the difference is that some choose to let it grow while others don’t.”

No matter how holy or righteous you are, there exists a monster lurking somewhere inside you, the only thing is maybe it’s locked up in a dungeon deep down your mind or it’s roaming about freely contributing to your every thought. When pain the darkens heart, the need for vengeance unleashes the demon that turns saints into monsters.

Tolulope had been hurt not once or twice, She had been conned, subterfuge used and humiliated all her life. From her Nigerian Father who would claim walking her to school while supplying his customers drugs from her school bag, to Patricia the bully from school who would force her to surrender a portion of her pocket money. Her American mother was no better after her father had gone to prison, she had been spending the social security fund meant for her education and welfare on booze.

Long desire(home call)

Even when she was taken from her alcohol addicted mother and sent to foster care, she never found the solace she had hoped for in Mr. and Mrs. Dickson’s rich home. It turned out Mrs. Dickson never wanted a foster child, let alone one cursed with dark skin.

She would yell and assault her at the slightest provocation. Tolu thought things would get better after Charles was born and she managed to convince Mr. Dickson to send her to a boarding school but it never did. Her history teacher Mr. Harrison had forced himself on her on countless occasions and threatened to slit her throat if she breathes out the word. So as Tolu read Bode’s letter with tears that cold morning, she realized she had been conned again and promised to make a scapegoat out of him.

It’s been three years since Olabode got back, things had gone from being good to better. They had both gotten married and Teniola Ogunwusi their daughter had clocked a year and a half. With the money he came back with and advances from his wife, he was able to start his software company which had turned into a multi-million naira company. To effectively perform her role as a wife and mother, Folayemi merged her company with that of her husband so he could properly monitor the two.

Disaster struck one day when Folayemi was handed a letter summoning her husband to court for a case with one Mrs. Tolulope Ogunwusi. Olabode was almost knocked down with shock when Folayemi asked him who Tolulope Ogunwusi was the moment he got home. No matter how hard he tried to explain, she wouldn’t listen. Olabode had never seen the kind of anger displayed by his wife that night. He had to run out of the house to avoid being stabbed to death.

All his effort to meet with Tolu before the hearing never yielded any result. Her American lawyer made him understand he had no right to see her. He explained everything to Folayemi’s parent who later helped him calm his wife down and together, they planned on how to take on the legal battle.

Tolulope had all her cards right, she had tracked Bode to Nigeria and had waited for the right time to take her revenge. She was well aware of the net worth of the two companies he controlled and wanted nothing less than fifty percent for herself and her two years old son.

Bode never knew he had a son until he got to court and it really weakened his chance of winning the lawsuit. At the end of a long legal tussle, the case was adjourned till two weeks.

Tolu was surprised when she suddenly saw Folayemi at her doorstep. She had wanted to call the police before Folayemi made her understand she came in peace. She explained that Bode left America because he wanted to be loyal to her and agreed to shoulder the blame for Tolu’s pain.

She advised her to withdraw the case and assured her son a fifty percent share of the company when he grows up. She argued her point that splitting the company’s ownership would hamper its high growth potential.

Bode was surprised days after when he received a letter from Tolu, telling him she had withdrawn the case and wanted nothing from his property. She, however, dropped her contact In case he would like to see his son once again.


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