Alagbaka, Akure.

Most people believe Boko Haram started out in 2002, but that is not necessarily so. Boko Haram emerged from the Saudi-Iran split. After the Iranian revolution in ‘79, many Nigerian Muslims were influenced by what happened in Iran.

At that time, to offset Iran’s influence in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia began to support Salafist institutions in Nigeria. Among these institutions, many sects began to emerge which deviated from the traditional mainstream Salafism. One of those sects became Boko Haram.


Appearance could be very deceptive. The well-dressed ghost, once out of his formal suit, was actually a monster. His hands were buried in his black pants. His oversized suit was saddled with no less than forty pounds of high explosives; nails, ball bearings, and shrapnel. His lips moved involuntarily as he said his final prayers. His eyes had a glassy, thousand-yard stare and he was unnaturally pale.

In one of the hands buried in his pockets was the detonator of the bomb. He had been ordered to end the lives of those corrupt men at a precise moment. That was part of the training he received at one of the Al Qaeda training facilities in Sudan.
He checked his wristwatch. It was 13:50, ten minutes to the detonation time…


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