Alagbaka, Akure

The mayhem within the Ondo State branch of the PPP was an outflow of the crisis at the national level of the party. At their last National convention, the election of new executives broke the party into 3 unamendable factions. Most party members disagreed with the outcome of the election, the leadership of the party tried to salvage the situation but their efforts did little to save the day.

Each faction chose its leaders and return back home, but like a house divided against itself, the party began to self- destruct.

Of the three factions, two flowed to Ondo state. Each conducted its own gubernatorial primary election, thus producing two governorship candidates from the same party. It was just the beginning of the drama yet to unfold.
Oluwole Yusuf, the governor of the state emerged as the aspirant of the first faction, while Alexandra Ajasin was the candidate for the second faction.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recognized the election that produced Oluwole Yusuf, but Alexandra had the powers-that-be behind him. The case was taken to High court where the Chief Justice pronounced Alexandra as the recognized candidate.

However, a month and a half to the gubernatorial elections in the state, the Supreme Court overruled the high court’s ruling. The candidacy went back to whom it belonged.

On the day the final verdict was given. Alexandra comported himself, though he was burning with bile his demeanor displayed joy. He often prided himself as a man who could remain calm under great pressure. He went over to Oluwole and openly congratulated him. It is politics: no permanent friend or enemy. That is the rule of the game.

Alexandra decided to switch the battle from internal to external. He doubted if the man he congratulated would be alive to see the gubernatorial election.


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