How To Be Okay With Making Mistakes And Why They Are Important

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Ever wondered how to be okay with making mistakes and why they are important? This blog post has the answers to some of the questions you may have about making mistakes and why you should not feel bad about it.

Mistakes are often seen as a bad thing, no one wants to make mistakes. There is a reason they are called mistakes and that’s because they are not meant to be, it means there’s a bad judgment concerning something. Everyone makes mistakes and it’s normal to beat yourself up when you make a mistake. However, what is done is done and the earlier we recognize that, the faster we move on and take advantage of the mistake made. Mistakes used appropriately can be a fuel for something great.

How to get over a mistake

For one to take advantage of mistakes made, the person first of all has to get over their mistakes. What makes mistakes terrible is usually the fact that it shows our vulnerabilities as humans and also the consequences that come with it. Here are a few steps to getting over a mistake.

  1. Admit that you have made a mistake

When we make mistakes, sometimes we find it difficult to admit it. We have to acknowledge that we have made a mistake. Often times we play the blame game, trying to look for someone else to blame but ourselves. Admitting that you have made a mistake is a great step to getting over a mistake. It’s also a sign of humility and responsibility to own up to your mistake.

“When you make a mistake, there are only 3 things you should ever do about it: Admit it, Learn from it, and don’t repeat it”


  1. Accept responsibility for your mistake

Now that you have admitted to yourself that you have made a mistake, the next step is to take responsibility for your mistake. This involves looking for solution to make things better. For instance, if you hurt someone with your mistake, you could apologize or find a way to make things better for them. However, if you do not admit that you are to blame for your mistake, you would never take responsibility.

“The more you take responsibility for your past and present, the more you are able to create the future you seek”


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  1. Realize that the hurt, shame and embarrassment is normal

When we make mistakes, we feel miserable. Other times, we feel ashamed and embarrassed and because of this, we tend to be hard on ourselves. The earlier we realize that feeling bad, ashamed and embarrassed is a normal process, the earlier we get away from dwelling on our mistakes. One thing to also have in mind is that with time, you might not feel this way and what’s even best is when we learn from our mistakes to be better.

“What we don’t need in the midst of struggle is shame for being human”

-Brene Brown

  1. You could talk to someone

It is said that a problem shared is half-solved. When we share things with someone, it eases the burden on us and we somehow feel comforted. It also presents opportunity to get help and seek advice.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”


  1. Let go and learn from it

Finally, you got to let go and learn from it. What makes you better is you learning from your mistakes and not repeating them. If you think everyone would never forget your mistake, you could be wrong. One thing with humans is that with time, they move onto other things so eventually, they would forget you made a mistake. Another way to get your mistake of people’s mind is by being better and achieving more. Before you know it, they will only be talking about your success story.

“I’m not proud of my mistakes but I’m proud that I learned from them which made me a better person today”


Why mistakes are not so bad

How are you going to be okay with making mistakes? This is when you realize that they are part of life and should not be seen totally as a bad thing. Sometimes, mistakes are really unavoidable. It’s best we embrace it and see it as an opportunity to learn. Here are what makes mistakes not so bad

  • It makes you wiser

Mistakes have a way of making you wiser. This is because you know what to do and what not to do. It is said that experience is the best teacher. What better way to learn about something than experiencing it yourself? Sometimes also, one really needs to make a mistake to truly grasp a lesson that when the person is just told the lesson.

“Mistakes arm you with new knowledge that you can bring to the situation”

-Tom Meltner

  • Presents an opportunity to be better

This is such an important point. When you make a mistake, there’s an opportunity to improve, to be better. This is because you troubleshoot. You know what went wrong the first time and learn how to make it work this time.

“It’s not how we make mistakes but how we correct them that defines us”


  • It opens your eyes to things you would not have noticed

Mistakes open our eyes to things we missed. It also points out what is truly important. For instance if you misjudged someone probably because of how you perceived the person or from hear-say, you learn that people shouldn’t be judged based on hear-say or how you see them. It opens your eyes to other things that are important that you might not have noticed which in this case; it is “never judge a book by its cover”.

“Sometimes you have to make a big mistake to figure out how to make things right. Mistakes are painful but they are the only way to find out the reality of things”


  • Makes us humble

Humans are usually full of themselves, especially when they know they are good at something. What best way to remind us of humility than to make a mistake? For example, a colleague at work is always proud of his achievements at can sometimes come off as arrogant. If he messes a deal, it can teach him humility and help him realize that no one is beyond mistakes.

“A mistake which makes you humble is much better than an achievement that makes you arrogant”


  • Mistakes can make you empathetic to others

Let me paint a scenario here. Imagine Zoey, a lady who gets things done all the time and is always on schedule. Even though she is stressed or feeling down, she never fails to deliver. She believes in working hard and like she would always say “there is no excuse for incompetence” and truly, there’s never been a time in her 3 years of working that she has been incompetent. Because of this, she never truly understands why people fail to meet up and most times, she judges them for that and would often call them lazy.

One day Zoey could not meet up, not because she was not prepared but because she missed one or two things in her presentation. Next time when Zoey sees someone who could not deliver properly or meet a deadline, she is going to have compassion and understand where they are coming from. This makes her empathetic and less judgmental.

“We must understand before we judge”


  • Mistakes open our eyes to new things

Most times, for you to find out something new, you have got to make mistakes.

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery”

-James Joyce

  • Reminds us that we are human

Mistakes have a way of reminding us that we are not perfect, we are humans and that’s the beauty of humanity.

“Mistakes make us human”


If ever you feel like your mistake is the end of you, you should also have in mind that there are people that made mistakes and right now are better off. This is because they learned from their mistakes and moved on. It’s important you do same also.


Written by: Ndukwe Odinakachukwu. She blogs at The Royal Deviant ; a lifestyle blog. She is also a Medical Laboratory Science graduate.

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  1. Beautiful post. Mistakes are part of life, they reform us and make us a better person.

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