I was having breakfast with my family that early morning when he barged in. His countenance was enough to announce that something is terribly wrong.
“Joshua, what happened?” My wife inquired but instead of answering he stood there at the sitting room staring at us as a lion staring at its prey.

Suddenly he pulled out a pistol from his waist and pointed it at me.
“What’s wrong with Joshua? I still saw him yesterday when he came to ask me for his school fee and I told him to come this morning. Is this some kind of a joke” I thought.

“What are you doing Joshua? Please put the gun down and let’s talk about whatever happened to you” I begged.
“You bastard, am going to kill you today,” He said with his red eyeballs staring at me.
“Broda Joshua, please don’t kill my daddy” Richard my youngest son who happened to be Joshua’s favorite said.

“You can’t understand Richard, he killed my father,” He said in rage.
Immediately I heard this I knew someone had uncovered the secret I tried so hard to bury. Someone must have fed this young boy the sad story and it was no other person than Uncle Deolu. He had come to my house days before to ask me for money which I declined him. He got angry and threatened to deal with me. Joshua must have went to visit him and he must have told him the story in other to paint me dark.

I stood up from where I sat and walked toward him. He retracted backward and held the gun more firmly but that doesn’t stop me from standing inches away from him.
“You are right, I killed your father. It is true I killed my only blood brother but am not going to beg for my life like a coward so If you have got what it takes to avenge your father, all you have to do is pull the trigger” I said looking into his eyes.

I waited as he closed his eyes ready to trigger the bullet into my chest but he opened it back after a few seconds and put down the gun. He turned his back and started walking out.
“I hope whoever told you I killed your dad must have told you how I did it,” I said. He stopped and looked at me.

I guess they didn’t tell you, well come have a sit and let me tell you” he walked back standing before me.

“The love between your father and mother was so much that when your mother died while giving birth to you, it drove my brother mad. He became a drug and alcohol addict. One day when he was high, he carried you to the top of the two storey building they were living and attempted to drop you down. He blamed you who was just a few months old then for the death of his beloved wife and was bent on killing you.

I tried to persuade him to stop the madness but he didn’t listen. When I saw that he was about dropping you, I rushed to him and tried to snatch you from him but as we were wrestling, he missed his step and stumbled down the building. That was how I killed your father and I never for once regret saving you that day” I narrated.
After listening to my story Joshua dropped his gun on the table and knelt down begging for my forgiveness.


Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

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