Episode 7

Jack held his face as he stared at his boss angry demeanor. He rubs his cheek where his boss had just slapped.
Damn! It hurts.
The man’s palm seemed to be made of steel.
He sighs.

“I’m sorry boss. if I had known something like that would happen, I wouldn’t have left”
“You scumbag, I gave you one tiny job and you couldn’t even accomplish it. How did a pregnant woman manage to outsmart the nurse and run without you noticing? It’s been hours now and only God knows where she must be right now!” The middle-aged man yelled.

“I’m really sorry boss. I..”
“Don’t sorry me!!! I need results not stupid ass apologies. Results! Get the hell outta my sight and don’t return until you find Hailey. Find her else consider yourself another dead meat” he sneers and Jack shudders at the tone of his voice.
Nevertheless, he nods and scurries out.
“Fool!”. The man yelled smashing his glass of wine against the wall.


I watched with my heart literally In my mouth as the nurse takes the baby from me.
She removed something that looks like a peg or clip and clips it on the umbilical cord she just cut..
The pretty lady is being placed on a stretcher and my legs automatically moved on their own accord as I followed the paramedics into the blaring ambulance.

I sat in the ambulance and watched absent mindedly as a drip is put on the pretty lady while the nurse pumps the tiny baby.
I honestly didn’t know when the ambulance arrived because I was so engrossed in pumping the little Angel for any reaction but I got none.
And right now as I watch the nurse place an oxygen mask over her face, I feel scared. That she might die.

I sighed as a pang of pain hits me and I rub my chest absent mindedly.
Why do I feel so connected to this baby? I know I’m not it’s a father but why do I feel this way?
I turned to see my best friend waving at me. I nod as a reply.
“I’m right behind you!” He entered his car and that’s when I realize the ambulance is moving already.
“Sir?” The nurse called
I turn to face her. I’m too exhausted from today’s activities to reply.

“Its a miracle the baby survived,” she said and my eyes snapped open instantly.
“Say what now?”
“This baby seems to be having respiratory disorders. In simpler words, she’s having breathing problems that’s why she didn’t cry when born but she’s alive. I suppose you rubbed her back?”
“Uhh yes.”
“That’s why she’s still alive. She would have probably died” the nurse says quietly and I’m tempted to ask more questions.

Why was she born with respiratory disorders?
I learned mostly babies with such problems acquired them due to drug addiction by the mother while it was still in the womb.
I glance at the sleeping pretty Lady.
Could she be a drug addict?
Pfft! I shaked my head.

There could be thousand and one reasons why the baby has such a disorder.
“Sir, I need you to cuddle the baby,” the nurse said to me.
“Okay sure”
“I mean skin to skin. You’ll have to take off your shirt. It’s very important for a baby to be cuddled skin to skin right after it’s born and the mother isn’t in the position to do so, and since you’re her father… You’ll have to. It also helps to warm the baby up as heat is transferred directly from you to her” she explained and I nodded.

I don’t know but I’ll do anything for this baby.
I took off my white long sleeved shirt and singlet.
I can feel the nurse’s eyes on me as I gathered my braids and tied it with the band around my wrist.
Well more like she’s ogling my well-defined abs.
I fought the urge to roll my eyes as I smirk.
I know I’m damn hella fine but can’t she be a little discreet? I mean, hello??!!
Someone ten miles away can smell the lust radiating from her as she stares at my naked chest.

“Umm,” I cleared my throat to get her attention.
“Oh.. Err.. Sorry” she blushes like a tomato as she placed the tiny angel on my chest and takes off the towel she was wrapped in.
I adjusted the oxygen mask on her face as I place both my hands on her back and rubbed slowly.
She is so adorable.
I can’t help but smile.
Whoever doesn’t want kids is missing out so much on mother nature.



Two hours. Two f-cking hours since boss despatched me to search for Hailey Bloom.
Damn that girl!
I’ve combed the entire town but I can’t seem to find her. No one seems to have seen her nor catch a glimpse of her.
Did she suddenly disappear into thin air?
I’m so frustrated.
I f*cking told Hailey to abort that bastard.
Well, not exactly a bastard because I’m responsible for her pregnancy.

But it’s still a bastard because I wasn’t and never will be ready for a child.
It was a mistake.
The f*cking c*ndom broke.
Because Hailey wouldn’t stop fighting when I tried to have s*x with her. We struggled. We struggled a lot.
Apparently, she didn’t want me touching her but I’ll always be me.

I need s*x. Every minute, every hour, every day.
And so that’s how the c*ndom broke and she got pregnant.
If not, I wouldn’t be in such deep shit.
I groaned and turned to my ally.
“Get me some food Nick”
“What? But we haven’t found Hailey yet”
“Do you think I don’t know? Get me some food ASAP!!” I snapped at him and he scurries out of the van.
I leaned against the car seat and closed my eyes.



I’m standing in front of the reception desk, scratching my head, thinking.
Should I give the receptionist a fake name?
“Sir? Can I please know the patient’s name? We need to check her into the hospital” she repeated and I was tempted to snap at her.

I rolled my eyes, adjusting my glasses.
I mean I heard her the first time.
I’m just contemplating whether to tell her or not.
“Sir. I asked you for the patient’s name” the receptionist repeated for the third time. She looks pretty pissed.
I shrugged as she chews noisily on her gum.
“Sir?. I..”

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I groaned “I heard you okay? I just don’t know her name. I only helped her. Just put any name you deem fit there” I told her and she looked unsure of whether to listen to me or not.
“Jason. Uhh. I took this purse from your cottage. I think it belongs to the lady” Alex comes up behind me holding a purse that looks… Girly.
“Great. It belongs to the pretty lady”
“Pretty lady?” Alex raised his eyebrows as he hands me a cup of cappuccino.
“Yep. Anyway did you get any ID?” I took a sip of my cappuccino.
Hmm. Nice.

“Yea. Uhh her name is..” He paused as he stares hard at the ID. He lifts his eyes to meet mine, surprise flicking in his eyes.
I raised an eyebrow at him.
“Her name is… Hailey. Hailey Bloom”
Pfft! I choke on my cappuccino, spitting it back into the cup at the mention of her name.
“Hailey Bloom” he repeats and I frooze.

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