Episode 6

He paced to and fro outside the Hospital, occasionally craning his neck to check if the nurse was approaching but she was nowhere in sight.
He groans In annoyance.
It had been hours since he left her to the job but now, he was getting frustrated.

He pressed a tiny object against his ear and speaks into it.
“Boss, I’m going in now. Something isn’t right. Sure boss” Jack hung up and made his way into the hospital.


“Oh, God!!” Hailey groans again, sweat trickling down her forehead and dripping into her shirt…
“Jason? Are you there? Jason!!!” Alex yells from the other side of the phone making Jason flinch.
“I’m here”

“Good. It says here that you need to get warm water and as many clean towels as you can get” he said, reading the instructions from his laptop.
He heard shuffling as his friend moves around in haste, probably looking for the towels.

“Done. I got only three towels and sheet which I cut into three” Jason answers after some time.
“Now.. Prepare the birthing area”
“The what?”
“The birthing area. Where the giving birth is going to take place. Like clean up the place”
“Everything is good”
“Now prop her back with at least three pillows. It helps make the pushing easier. Now go and wash your hands and arms with antibacterial soap. We don’t want dirt from your hands getting to the baby”


I groaned in frustration as I put the phone down(but not before putting it on loudspeaker) and trudged into the washroom to thoroughly wash my hands with warm water and soap. I wiped my hands carefully and got back.
“Done Alex”
“Okay. Ready?”
Pfft! Is he seriously asking me that? Of course, I’ll never be ready. I can’t even stand the sight of blood. I’m nervous as hell.
I sighed
“Take off her skirt and underwear. If it’s a one-piece dress, pull it up over her head and cover her lower body with a towel”
“You want me to strip her?” I ask albeit dumbly. I know I’m being dumb but hey, I’m nervous. What if I slip up?

“Please just take it off. It really hurts. Please please!” The pretty lady cried and my heart pulls with strong emotion. What am I feeling? Why do I feel as though I know her?
I sighed as I closed my eyes and stretch out my arms to pull down her skirt and underwear. I don’t want to see something that is not mine. I blindly took a towel and drape it around her thighs as she desperately spreads her legs.

I opened my eyes when I was done and I gasped audibly when my eyes fell on the bloodstained underwear.
Oh, Lord!
“She’s bleeding Alex!” I shrieked. I ran my fingers through my hair. I’m feeling frantic.
“Stay calm dude. Check if her v*ginal opening has dilated. If yes, then ask her to breathe in and out heavily through her mouth and then push. Got it?”
I can’t. I won’t. I can’t do this. Am I overreacting? Oh, I don’t know but all this scares the shit out of me especially the blood.

“Please. It’s. It’s hurting a… Whole lot. Please!” The pretty Lady cried harder and I instantly softened.
I don’t know why but f*ck my phobia for blood. I’m going to do this. For her. For my pretty Lady and her baby.
I took in a deep breath before sending my head in between her legs.
“It’s dilated!”

“Tell her to push. And occasionally wipe her legs when it’s smeared with blood and..”
I wasn’t even listening anymore as I instinctively held the pretty lady’s hand in mine. Why does having her hand in mine feel good?
“You can do this beautiful. Come on. Take in a deep breath and push with as much strength as you can gather yeah?” I say as softly as I can and she nods desperately, clutching her belly tighter.
Oh, God! She must be in so much pain.

Her screams of agony filled my ears as she pushed lifting her head off the pillow, grasping my hand tighter in the process, her nails digging into my palm.
I winced.
Her head falls back onto the pillow, breathing hard.

She didn’t wait for my instructions as she began to push and push, harder and harder until she cried in frustration.
“Relax! Breathe in” I coax, caressing her cheeks.
“Crowning!!! Check if there’s a crowning!” I heard Alex’s voice boom from the loudspeaker and I remembered he was still online.
Oh, shoot!

The pretty Lady pushed harder as I sent my head just in time to see the hairy head of a tiny baby, slowly popping out.
Holy moly F*cking sh*t!
How does a baby manage to come out of such a tiny place?
Oh, Lord! This is such a fascinating and scary sight.


“I see the head!” I squealed like a girl. And as if getting the zeal, the pretty lady suddenly pushed much harder than she’s ever had.
I placed my right hand under the baby’s head as she kept pushing.
More blood followed and I got scared. Very scared but she didn’t stop.
My eyes widened when I felt more weight on my hand. Instinctively, I sent my other hand and I felt tiny shoulders in my grasps.

“It’s coming,” I said more to myself.
Oh lord! This is such a beautiful sight. A human coming out of another.
She kept pushing non-stop, occasionally groaning in pain and my heart clenches seeing her in such a state.

I told her to relax for a few minutes but she seems too determined.
Oh God, it feels like forever and the baby still isn’t fully out yet. Its been like what? 20minutes?
I wonder how long it will take. She pushed one last time and I suddenly feel more weight on my hands. I pushed back, slightly and carefully and before I realize, I’m holding a tiny beautiful baby in my arms smeared in blood and some thick fluid I presume is the amniotic fluid or something.

Her umbilical cord hanging loosely. The hair wet with the slippery fluid. Her tiny hands folded into fists. Oh lord! She’s so tiny I’m scared I will break her.
My eyes scanned the Angel In my arms.
It’s a girl. She’s so adorable.
I can’t believe I aided in a delivery.
I can’t help but feel so proud.
She looks so beautiful with her pale skin and peaceful. She’s so quiet.

“Why isn’t the baby crying?” Alex’s voice interrupted me and that’s when my brain goes into full mode. I wiped the baby’s nose and mouth with a towel thinking the fluid must have blocked her nose but nothing. I wiped her body clean, nothing.

Fear gripped me as I turned the baby and slap her butt softly, once, twice, thrice as I’ve seen in movies but no sound.
I rubbed the baby’s back soothingly hoping for a reaction, still nothing.
The baby was completely still. No moving, no crying.
Oh, God!

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