Episode 5

Fuming than ever before, Jason lifts his hand and untied the band that held his locs in place letting it fall around his shoulders.
He made his way towards his car when the familiar angry voice shouted his name.
He rolled his eyes.
Here comes another drama.

Nevertheless, he ignored the shouts and pressed the button on his key holder to open his door.
“I’m talking to you, Jason! Don’t you dare walk out on me!!” His father thunders as he stopped in front of him.

“What now dad?”
“What now? You’re seriously asking me what now? Huh?” He asks incredulously.
“You just ruined everything in there. You fucked up Jason! How could you walk out on us in the middle of the ceremony like that? Have you no manners? If you know what’s best for you boy, you better get your shit together and walk back in there, you apologize and ask for the wedding to go ahead. Got it?!”

“I will do no such thing”
“Jason Attah Michaels!!!!!!!” His father bellows, much angrier now, his eyes dark.
“Father, please. For once allow me to take a decision of my own. I’ve obeyed you all my life. I even had to study science in high school and pharmacy in college all because you wanted it so. You never for once took what I wanted into consideration. It’s always been about you.

You and your goddamn pharmaceutical company. That’s all you care about. I’m not going to get married to some girl because you want to partner with her dad. I’m not bending to your wishes this time dad. Excuse me”
With that, he turned, opened the car door.

“That car is mine. You either go in there now and get married or you give me back my car keys and every other thing I’ve given you”
Jason stared at his dad for a few seconds and shook his head.
He was no longer the teenager whom he always manipulated.
“As you wish” he threw the car keys to his father and walked away, leaving his father staring at his retreating back in utmost dismay.


Play Boy

In the outskirts of blue gates town, Hailey wrapped her arms round her huge baby bump as she made her way towards the small cottage she had come across after walking for so long.
It was a deserted place. It looked like no one was around. Stopping in front of the door, she took her right hand off her belly and rakes her fingers through her hair, searching for a bobby pin.

Finding one, she pulled it out, inserts into the keyhole for a few times and then she heard the click sound. Twisting the doorknob, it opened and she strolls in shutting the door behind, praying silently the owner of the cottage wouldn’t show up anytime soon.
Hopefully, they wouldn’t find her here.

Hailey stared around in the small room. It looked like it hadn’t been used for a while.
Without bothering to search for the light switch, she squints her eyes and made her way towards the bed, the heaviness in her abdomen getting stronger by the minute.
Propping herself carefully on the bed, her eyelids flutter closed and soon she falls into one of the best sleep she’d ever had for the last eight years


It was almost 4 pm when Jason finally spotted his cottage from a distance. Heaving a sigh of relief he made his way towards the cottage as he fumbles for his keys. Finding it, he inserts it into the keyhole and opened it.

He sighs again as he takes off his shoes, black tuxedo and tossed them onto the floor. His hand roams the cold wall for the switch and when he found it, he turned the light on.
An image instantly caught his vision and he screamed.

“What the hell!!!!!”
There, on his cozy little bed was a woman. Or should he say a lady? A pretty pregnant Lady asleep, her hair covering half of her face.
“What the hell!!!” He yells again and the Lady stirs.
How the hell did she get in?


“What the hell?!!” The deep voice rang in Hailey’s ears as she desperately forced her eyes open.
She opened them and in front of her stood the most gorgeous man glaring at her.
Damn! The fact that he had braided his hair in the locs and let it fall across his shoulders in waves made him hotter.
Damn! This guy is fine.

Before she could ogle some more, the handsome man screams at her again.
“Uhh. S..sorry. I just needed a place to stay and I found your cottage. I’ve nowhere to go” she stutters
“This isn’t a place for stray dogs woman!” He snaps.
Ouch! That was rude.

“S..sorry. I will just go” Hailey sighs in defeat as she steps down from the bed and made her way out. She barely made it to the door when she suddenly felt warm liquid trickling down her legs.
She looked down.
Did she just pee on herself?
Before she could think more, a painful contraction hits her and she screamed clutching her belly.
Jason who was making his way towards the bathroom turned when he heard her scream.
Oh for heaven’s sake! He grumbled as he made his way towards her.

Jason was sweating profusely now. The woman was screaming almost every minute and he didn’t know what to do.
He couldn’t take her to the clinic because his car was now gone. And he couldn’t possibly carry her on his back all the way to town which was about 4 hours away.

Oh, Lord! What do i do!
An idea suddenly occurred to him and he grabs his phone, dialing Alex’s number.
“Dude. There’s fire on the mountain. Your dad won’t stop raining insults on me demanding I tell him where you are and…” Alex began to rant on.

“Shut up Alexander! I need help. There’s a pregnant woman in my cottage who’s in labor. I don’t have any car. And I can’t leave her alone and go to town in search of a cab!”
“Oh shit! Is she in real pain? Did her water break already?”
Jason glances at Hailey who was sweating and groaning
“Yes, almost twenty minutes ago”
“Look Jason you guys are far from town now. I’m letting someone call an ambulance right now. But for now, we have one option” Alex says
“Which is?”
“You deliver her”

Jason’s eyes grow wide as the words sinked in. He stared at the lady who was groaning in pain. She looked like she was in real pain but him? Jason Michaels? Deliver a woman? That was a pretty bad joke.
“What? No! I can’t!!” he shrieked
“Yes, you can Jason. Unless you want both mother and child to die”
“Of course not Alex. I..”
“Then do it. I’m searching through the internet so you better get your shit together and get ready. We don’t have time” Alex instructs.
Jason swallows hard. He couldn’t do this. What If the baby was too slippery and fell off his hand and died? No!
“Oh God, it hurts!” Hailey groans again and he gulps.
Oh Sweet baby Jesus, pour me your anointing today.
He prayed.

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