Forgetting you


Episode 4


He adjusts his tie and rakes his fingers through his locks that had grown over the years.
To say he was nervous was an understatement.
He was annoyed. Angry. Furious. Frustrated.
How could they do this to him?

How could his own parents do this to him?
How could they force something as huge as this on him?
He snorts.
He was twenty-three for f*cks sake!!
Only twenty-three…

“I don’t want to do this. I don’t. I can’t” Jason muttered as he begins to walk out of the church auditorium when an older version of himself suddenly walks up to him, blocking his way.
A deep scowl on his slightly wrinkled face.
“Where do you think you’re going Jason Attah Michaels?” He bellows
“Where does it look like I’m going, Dad? To the washroom of course,” he rolled his eyes, clearly irritated.
Mr. Michaels narrowed his eyes dangerously at his son
“You’re lying Jason” he deadpans
Jason sighs
“I’m getting out of here before I suffocate to death dad. I can’t do this.”

“You can and you will Jason. Don’t put me to shame. Go back to that altar and wait because your bride will be arriving soon. You’re getting married, like it or not!” Mr. Michaels sneers and walks back to his seat, plastering a fake smile on his face.
Jason scowls.
Why couldn’t they understand he didn’t wanna get married.

But of course, his ambitious father was having none of it because he claimed the marriage will create a bond between both families, hereby increasing his father’s company sales in the stock market and blah blah blah…

He was just a spawn. A bridge on which his father could use to make his dream come true.
But he didn’t wanna get married.
Jason sighed.

He wasn’t the same nerdy boy with big rimmed glasses and a huge backpack that was larger than Mount Everest.
Oh well!
Of course, he still uses glasses except they were much fancier now.
He had built quite impressive muscles over the years because he was tired of people calling him the ‘lanky skinny nerdy boy”
Sure he was still tall, except now, he had built muscles which complimented his tall figure.

Read Tatiana

He had also started to braid his hair in a faux lock style which had grown up to a little above his neck.
Now, he was hot, handsome, well-built and all but he still wasn’t content because…
Five years had passed since he completed high school and got into the university. Having pursued pharmacy(again, on his father’s insistence), he completed a few months ago and was yet to start national service program for a year before starting to work only for such bomb to thrown in his face. He could as well get blown up into pieces.

Five years. Five years since he saw or heard from his high school crush Hailey. Strangely enough, the day after they talked, he never saw her again. Neither did he see her the following term or the term after until they wrote their WASSCE examination. Truth was, Hailey never reported to valley view high school again.
And no one knew why.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the famous wedding tune began to play.
He turns away when his fake bride-to-be walks in majestically, a bouquet in one hand and the other draped around her Father’s arm.
Three bridesmaids and best men strolled in behind followed by a flower girl and boy.
Jason watched on with a bored expression as they walk towards him and the bride’s left hand is placed in his.
She was smiling.
The hell!
He thought they had agreed on something earlier?
Pfft! He waves it off. She was probably acting too.
They turned to the priest and walked towards their designated seat before he began his sermon.
Several minutes later, they were called onto the podium and Sarah is still grinning.
Oh well.

“Do you Sarah Osei take Jason Michaels to be your lawfully wedded husband, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to respect till death do you part?” The priest chants and Jason holds his breath.
Say no. Say no. Say no.
She was supposed to say no
She had to say no.
They both had agreed to it this morning.

“We both understand this don’t we Sarah?” Jason asked over the phone while he stares at his black tuxedo laid out neatly on the bed.

“Yes, Jason. We both are too young for marriage. I don’t love you. You don’t love me. Our parents can find another way of boosting their business” Sarah replied from the other end of the line.
Jason nods satisfactorily

“Good. We don’t have to accept the marriage at the altar. There will be chaos for a few days and we both go back to living our lives”
“Agreed” he repeats and hung up.

“I do” the cheerful answer came and Jason’s head immediately snaps towards her direction.
Wait for what?
“What? What are you doing Sarah? We had a deal” he whispered
Sarah didn’t spare him a glance. She stares straight ahead.

The priest nods and turns to Jason.
“Do you Jason Attah Michaels take Sarah Osei to be your ….”
The rest of the vows fades away into oblivion as Jason stares at Sarah, hoping she would change her mind, say something but no. Her lips were set in a firm line.
Why the hell did she back out on their deal just now?

“…to love and to cherish, till death do you…”
Jason didn’t let the priest finish when he blurted out.
“I’m not f*cking doing this!!”
The priest looks shocked
“Uhh, Mr. Michaels..”
“I said no!! F*ck this! I’m not marrying her!” He yells and storms out ignoring the loud gasps from the entire auditorium. He couldn’t care less.
“Jason!!!!!” He could hear his father’s angry voice booming from behind but he increased his pace.

He wasn’t going to get tied to a complete stranger all in the name of pleasing his father.
He kept walking…

The voices seemed distinct and far. Though close.
The voices continued and for a moment it seemed as though they were whispering.
The voices grew louder and clearer and she desperately tried to open her eyes ignoring how heavy her eyelids felt. As if she had been asleep for days.

As soon as her eyes flutter open, the sun rays sweeping into the room blinded her vision and she immediately shuts her eyes, cussing silently.

She opened them again and let’s her eyes roam around. She was in a hospital. She had probably fainted after having another seizure.
Just then she saw a nurse and a dark well-built guy talking in hushed tones.
“I’m not sure sir” the nurse who’s back was turned to her says.

“Well. Inject her again as many times as you can and get rid of that thing in her womb. She can’t have a child. Got it?”
Hailey’s eyes grew wide as she recognized the voice.
Her arms went around her protruding belly immediately.
They were planning on killing her child? Oh, God!
They continued to talk as she moved her eyes searching for something. A weapon.
Then she saw a syringe.

She saw Jack leaving and the nurse turns. Hailey immediately pretended to be asleep as she hides the syringe under the sheet.
As soon as the nurse got to her side, In an attempt to check the drip, Hailey’s reflex was fast as she immediately lifts her hand and jabs the syringe into the unsuspecting nurses’ neck, injecting whatever liquid into her body.

One, two, three seconds and the nurse fell to the ground. unconscious.
Hailey quickly yanked the drip away from her hand and got down from the bed and walked towards the door. She opened it and peeps through. The hallway was empty, probably because it was a private hospital.

Without a second thought, Hailey ran ignoring the heavy feeling in her abdomen.

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