Falling For Innocence(EPISODE 4)

Falling for innocence

Falling For Innocence(EPISODE 4)

“Jake, are you guys dating?” is this one of your infamous flings?”
“Are you guys getting married?” That question is enough to pull me off this gorgeous beauty who I am sure has a hand in this. It’s so typical.

Girls will do anything just to get their picture taken with me by the press. I looked at her in disdain. I actually thought she was different. As soon as I saw her getting beat down by that coward earlier today, I had felt like she was someone that I needed to help. Protect. How ridiculous right?. Well, now I know better. I can hear her telling the reporter that she doesn’t even know me. Yea, right.
“last call for a flight going to warri” the intercom blares.
“oh no! Umm am sorry about the misunderstanding but I have to go” she said and bolted. Leaving me to clean up the mess she created. I didn’t stop her though. Breathing the same air with frauds like her is suffocating.

The reporter looked torn on if he should follow her or remain with me. He isn’t familiar so maybe he isn’t from a popular news channel. I strained my eyes to see the name on the ID he is wearing.
“You better follow her because if you so much as follow me, I am going to sue your ass for whatever I can think of. Do you understand?” I asked in a threatening voice and he nods.

Thank God this is not one of those reporters who are so annoying because he left. Those pictures are not going out to the news. I’ll make sure of it. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed my manager.

“What the hell Jake. Where are you? Your flight just left.” He rambles as soon as it connects.
“I was just catching some fun. You should probably start cleaning the mess that just happened”I answered
“God! Jake, what have you done now? Please tell me it isn’t another sex tape” he said exasperated.
“When did I ever let a sex tape leak?” I asked innocently.

“Last month. I told you to keep your nose clean for a while. You lost a lot of advertising gigs for that stunt and your remaining sponsors are just ready to pull out if you are involved in another scandal” well, they can pull out if they want to. I don’t need them anyways. My fans still love me”
“Can you pull your head out of your ass for a second and read the f**king handwriting on the wall. You need these sponsors more than they need you now, moron”
“I need to fire you,” I said
“yea, not possible” he laughed
“yea, because mother hired you.”
“yup and speaking of your mother. You just missed your flight so I better go book the next one so you won’t miss her engagement” he said and I sighed.

“Will you be okay out there? You know that’s where you met ha-” he continued but I cut him off
“don’t f**king say her name. I will be fine. Just a few drinks and I will be able to get through the party.” even after all this time. 18 months, 3 weeks, 6 days and 15hours to be precise, that woman still hunts my life.

“Ok man. Please don’t cause a scene there. Your mom doesn’t deserve that” he said and I disconnected the call.
“Mom doesn’t deserve a son like me,” I said to myself. I turned to leave and that’s when I noticed a bunched up paper on the floor. Isn’t this the paper that lady was clutching in her hand earlier? I picked it off the floor and open it. Wow, it’s me. Did she draw this? I studied the drawing closely and wondered if my eyes really do look this lonely.


God am so exhausted. Today has been a whirlwind of events. From almost missing my flight, to almost getting run over by a car then getting disgraced by the owner of the said car oh and I can’t forget the part when my precious first kiss was stolen by a jerk in the stupid ladies room. If only I had woken up early. If only I had looked where I was going. And biggest IF of all, if only my dad didn’t call me at that moment in the toilet, maybe my virgin lips wouldn’t have been violated. What a loss.

To think that I have been saving it for my prince charming. The only good thing about this day is that my flight was hitch free. Now, am sitting here with my suitcase and bag waiting for my dad to pick me up. I wondered what he was calling about earlier. I took my phone off airplane mode and called him.
“Paul Agofure” he answered formally as if he was talking to a business associate.
“dad, it’s me”
“I know that”
“of course, you did. Am at the airport. Where are you?” I asked
“oh, didn’t you get my text? I can’t make it.

Something came up at the firm. I sent you the address of Margaret’s vacation house. She is on the night shift so she wouldn’t be there to welcome you. I don’t know if I can come back today as well.” Even after 2 years of not seeing each other, he still can’t make out time to pick me from the airport. My phone alerted me of an incoming text.

“Ok, dad. I have to go. I think I just got your text.”
“Ok, bye. The key is under the format” he said and the line went dead. This week isn’t going to get better, I can feel it. I had packed enough clothes to stay for a week so I could catch up with my dad but now, I don’t think to stay for a week will give us enough time to connect.


Hours later

“Wait, let me get this right. You got your first kiss from Jake?! You mean my Jake?!” One screamed into my eardrum
“he stole it from me” I grumpily stated
“bae, you are so lucky. Jake is more than handsome. And have you heard him sing? Girl, you would wet your pant”
“gross, one” I stated
“yea, whatever. So what happened next?” she asked. I proceeded to tell her everything that happened.

“Goshhhhh!” she screeched at the same time I heard the door beside my room open and closed.
“shhhhhhh” I shunned her
“so rude” I know she is pouting
“I think someone is in the house with me”
“Maybe it’s your dad or his fiance,” she said
“or maybe its a burglar. One what do I do”I asked, panicked

“Calm down, it’s probably just your dad. You locked the doors right?”
“umm yea. I’ll call you back” I said and ended the call. Okay, what do you do when an ax murderer is in your house. A. Run. B. Fight. C. Scream. I pondered my options then grabbed my camera stand, tiptoed my way out of my room and listened for any sound. I heard footsteps in the room beside mine and I grabbed my camera stand more firmly. Ok, Sarah, you can do this.

Breathe in, out. I raised the stand ready to strike as I turned the door handle. The door flew open and I come face to chest with naked skin. A defined naked chest. My throat worked extra hard to swallow my drool. My eyes moved down to see toned abs with no ounce of fat. Below the abs is a thin hair trail which I followed to a towel hanging low on his hip. Why is my murderer wearing just a towel and looking damn good in it?

My arms got tired of clutching my weapon and I lower it a bit. The murderer cleared his throat and that’s when I remembered to act. No matter how good a murderer’s body is, he would still kill me. I fling the stand toward the murderer’s head but he grabs it and threw it on the floor.

“Please, don’t kill me. I haven’t seen your face. Just take everything and leave me, please. I’ll even let you take the towel” I pleaded.
“kill you?. You are the one trying to kill me in my own house, lady!” the familiar voice bellowed. My head snapped up and I came face to face with Jake once again. Wtf!

A shot at love

“You!” we both yelled at the same time as his towel starts falling off his hips. I turned too quickly and I slipped almost falling on my ass yet again. Jake grab my waist to steady me and I can feel his whole body plastered to my back. Please tell me he isn’t naked!
“why do you keep falling for me, lady?”Jake asked with both humor and curiosity in his voice.

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