Falling For Innocence Episode 6


Falling For Innocence Episode 6

“Jake?” the familiar voice called out. I’ll know that voice anywhere. Hannah. I don’t want to see her so I grabbed Sarah’s hand and pulled her towards the eatery’s door.
“Sarah, come on let’s go,” I said and thankfully Sarah followed me. She must notice the steam coming out of my ears. We were almost at the door of the eatery when Hannah maneuvered to our front.

“Jake. It is you!.” she said while smiling. I don’t know what’s smile-worthy about this reunion.
“listen, Hannah, I don’t want to talk to you now or ever so move out of our way
“I grind out and her smile slip off her face.
“Jake love-”
“love? Did you just call me your love?! What the f**k Hannah!” I yelled her face.

“Jake, you have to let me explain. It’s been more than a year. I know you lost a brother but so did i.” she said and I lost my cool. I let go of Sarah’s and grabbed Hannah’s shoulders hard.
“don’t you ever compare that criminal’s life to Peter’s. Do you understand me?”

“Jake, you are hurting her”I heard Sarah say but the anger I have held for all this time closed my ears to her pleas. I grabbed Hannah even harder and she whispers.”Jake. It was a misunderstanding. Peter-“hearing my brother’s name on her filthy mouth escalated my anger and I raise my hand to slap her lying mouth. My hand was almost down when Sarah moved forward in front of Hannah to shield her.

“Jake. You don’t want to hit her. You would regret it” she said. I threw my fist against the wall instead and screamed in anger. I turn my back away from both women to try to curb my anger.
“get out of here” I heard Sarah yell at Hannah.

“I can’t. There’s something he must know”Hannah argued and I almost turned to really hit her this time.
“does he look like he will listen to you now?”Sarah asked
“ok. I’ll leave but it’s important we talk. Please talk to him for me. Okay?”Hannah said but I didn’t hear Sarah’s reply. No way in hell is I talking to that filth.

“Jake, she has left. We need to leave too. People are starting to gather and they might recognize you. Let’s go” she said and took my hand.
“Are you okay to drive or should I drive us?” she asked and I can’t help but smile.
“No way in hell am I letting you ride her. I am fine. Hop on” I said as I straddled the bike. The roar of the machine and Sarah’s arm wrapped around my waist soothed me somehow as I drove to the nearest bar.



“Jake? Why are we here?” I asked as we alighted from the motorbike.” I don’t want to go home now Sarah. Stay with me. Please” he said. I can see the pain and loneliness on his face so I reluctantly agreed. He shouldn’t be alone now after his encounter with that woman. I wonder what happened between them.

I am quite sure that this has something to do with his brother’s death.
“Come on Sarah, don’t be a spoil sport. Just one shot. Drinking all by myself is just sad. you are not scared of alcohol too right?”Jake asked after his second bottle of whatever concoction he has put in his body. I don’t want to look stupid to him so I didn’t tell him that I haven’t tasted the alcohol in alcohol ever so I just shook my head at him.

“No, thanks,” I said and he pouts.”wait,” he said laughing “don’t tell me you haven’t taken alcohol before. Oh my God, she hasn’t” he said and am sure the bar heard him because his voice volume right now is drunken loud. Some people started looking towards us and I shielded my face with my hand.” you don’t have to shout it for all the world to hear. Ass hole” I whispered to him.

“How old are you Sarah? 22? I can’t believe you are scared of alcohol. Just like you got scared of my d-” shhhhh. Don’t say it. Would you shut up if I have one glass or whatever?” I asked and he nodded. “cross my heart and hope to die,” he said and started laughing. Drunk Jake is annoying and Loud.

I took in a deep breath before I grabbed the little glass and threw the content to the back of my throat.” gross! Oh my gosh,” I sputtered and started coughing. That was nasty. I can see Jake laughing uncontrollably beside me.”You did it all wrong. Its lick, sip, suck” he told me” that sounded disturbingly perverted” oh my little Sarah.

Just watch” he said as he poured some white powder on the back of his hand. He licked the powder off then quickly drank the alcohol before he sucked on a lime.” I want to try” I said. What are you doing Sarah?”okay. Here” he said as he poured the white powder on the back of his hand.” ready, go!” he said and I quickly lick the powder off his hand, down the drink then sucked on a lime.

“So how did I do?” I asked. I think am drunk already. Is it normally this quick? Or is it because of the lack of food in my stomach? Or maybe am drunk on the salt and his skin. Hehehehe.” you did great. for a beginner. You need more practice”Jake said and that’s how we finish off another bottle of what he called tequila.


“Wow Jake, look!. The sky is so close tonight. Carry me up so I can pick a star” I said when the bartender finally kicked us out of the bar. Jake shook his head at me and I pouted .”ok. I’ll give you one of the stars I’ll pick. I promise. Would that make you happy? I want you to be happy Jake” I said and Jake turned away from me.”hey, where did your face go?” I asked before I staggered to stand in front of Jake.

The sight of his tears made my heart feel tight even in this drunken state.” are you crying? “I asked, “Don’t cry, Jake.” I continued then wiped the tears off his eyes. Jake held my hand to his face then released it to press a kiss on my palm. “Did that woman do this to you?” I asked and his face contorted in anger.

“She betrayed me. She f**king fooled me”Jake spits out as he put his hand through a nearby glass window. The window shattered but Jake didn’t wince in pain. His face is emotionless. “Hey, you there. What are you trying to do?” a guy yelled at us as he started approaching. I tried to pull Jake away but he didn’t even move.

“You are trying to break in right? Well, I caught you today. “The man said as he gets to where Jake is and twisted Jake’s hand behind his back.” what are you doing? You are hurting him “I yelled at the man who doesn’t even acknowledge me.

Jake didn’t even try to fight him but the man kicked the back of Jake’s leg thereby bringing him to his knees on the broken glass. The man brought a gun out of his pocket and pointed it to Jake’s head. God, I have to help Jake. I tried to focus my drunken mind to look for a way to help.

No one is on the street considering how late it is so I took matters into my hands and grabbed a stick lying on the ground. The man still didn’t notice me until I hit him in the back of the head and he fell to the ground. I quickly picked the gun and pointed it shakily to the man who is now on the floor.”God, Sarah.


What have you done?”Jake asked me as soon as he stood to his feet” I saved you” I said” how drunk are you?. Can’t you see he is a police officer?” what?. But- but- why didn’t you tell me” I wailed and dropped the gun on the ground.” come on, we have to leave, “Jake told me and we turned quickly to see three other policemen.” you are under arrest.

Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law so I advise that you remain silent” one of them say and the other two puts us in handcuffs. I am never drinking again.

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