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E-Affair 5


He started by asking her how she’d been. They were trying to make the conversation light when She began to cry and while he tried to soothe her, they became lost emotionally in a split second. The feeling both had been nursing since the ‘hug’ experience came rushing. Their emotions were both messed up.

Dele woke up and it was 7:30 pm already! He was in trouble. How was he going to face his wife Dupe? He picked his clothes and started dressing up amidst sobs. Layo woke up and at first thought, she had been dreaming.

What was Dele doing in her house? Suddenly, she regained the memory of the events of the last hour. She had just slept with her husband’s best friend!

Before Dele got home, he called his pastor and told him everything. He couldn’t face his wife after such a betrayal. His wife was too loyal to be treated in such a manner.

Dele came in with the pastor and immediately he gained entrance to his house, he went on his knees. Dupe was at first surprised. She couldn’t place her husband’s behavior but by the time the pastor was done with his explanations both Dele and Dupe were crying. It was a painful experience but Dupe was willing to forgive her husband. The matter ended not been a big deal eventually because Dele opened up immediately the incident happened.

Layo also called her Pastor and then her mum immediately Dele left the house. Her mum left for her place as soon as she heard what had happened. Her pastor started calling Lolu.

It was 10:00 pm.

Lolu was not picking his calls and was nowhere to be found.

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To be continued…

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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