E-Affair 4

E-Affair 4

E-Affair 4


Dele felt very sympathetic towards Layo and he just wanted to hug her, to tell her she’ll be fine. It was meant to be a friendly ‘you’ll be fine’ kind of hug. He didn’t dwell on the thoughts any further and just hugged her 360°.

It wasn’t just an ordinary hug. He felt a current of surge through his being and he knew he was in trouble. He had never really hugged any lady aside his wife before. What was worse? Layo felt the same way.

Layo stood up immediately and rushed out of his office. They avoided each other thereafter but the wall was broken already and a lizard had crawled in.

Dele knew he needed to speak to someone about it quick. He knew keeping fire under his bushel would only burn his house but he was ashamed. He was role model to many, what would they think of him if they heard a ‘simple hug’ discomfited him?

Layo felt guilty too but she kept wishing Lolu’s attitude would change towards her. Lolu and Layo (well, that was how Layo felt) became strangers living in the same apartment. Lolu wanted to make more money, Layo just wanted her husband.

24th December, 2018, two months after the ‘eventful’ hugging, Layo didn’t show up at work. Layo’s job required that she’d be at work on Christmas eve, which also doubled as her second wedding anniversary but this year, she didn’t show up. It was unlike her and the office sent Dele, to check on her.

Dele felt this cup should pass him over. They were still avoiding themselves and he felt the visit would be awkward . He called her because he dreaded visiting her at home but she wasn’t picking. Dele had no choice but to visit her at home.

He drove into their apartment and was allowed in by the security. The security informed Layo of Dele’s presence and on her orders, he let Dele into the house.

Dele went in. It was 6:15pm and Layo was already in her nightie. She looked miserable. Mr compassionate Dele could see through her misery and thought he felt her pain.

Of a truth, it wasn’t her pain he felt, what he felt was lust…

E-Affair 3

To be continued…

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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