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E-Affair 3


Layo was clingy and Lolu felt she was been childish. Layo wanted the attention and time Lolu accorded her before they got married but Lolu was having none of it. He loved her and that was all that mattered to him.

Lolu was all about making more money but all Layo ever wanted was more ‘Lolu time’. She looked forward to weekend family time out but it wasn’t happening. Lolu got busier and busier.

Reality seemed to happen too soon for Layo. She wasn’t ready for this. She became a secondary spinster at her prime. She felt lonely as a married woman than she’d ever felt.

She was no more the lively Layo. She was fast becoming a shadow of herself. She tried to cover up at work but her mood swing did not escape the prying eyes of Dele- Dele, her husband’s best friend.

Dele, Layo’s colleague, and Lolu’s best friend had his own family. He’d been married for five years and has two lovely kids. Dupe, Dele’s wife, made married life a pleasant experience. Everyone prayed to have a home like Dele and Dupe. Dele was Layo’s big brother at work.

He noticed she had not been looking dull and asked her about it. She wasn’t willing to talk initially but she needed a confidante. Dele agreed to speak with Lolu about her complaints but in the interim, he decided to take over. It was meant to be a big brother helping a sister…

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To be continued…

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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