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Layo, a charming and beautiful young lady and an ardent believer of fairy tale married life, got married to her heart-throb, Lolu, the 24th of December, 2016. A few months into the marriage and she was disappointed already.

While they were yet engaged, Layo ruled Lolu’s world. Though they worked miles apart, Lolu made sure they met every day. He’d drive down from his Ikeja office every night, during weekdays, just to see his beloved as well as gift her things and during the weekends, they were practically inseparable.

This had always been Layo’s dreams – to be so loved by her husband that it would be practically impossible to breathe without her. She wanted to be at the heart and soul of her husband and Lolu was just the perfect man of her dreams.

Not only was he caring, loving, handsome, very comfortable financially and kind, he was also a God lover. He was the total package. Every of Layo’s friend prayed for a spouse like Lolu. He was the perfect gentlemen.

They were engaged for a year and a half and Layo could not wait to get married to this God sent and specially designed spouse. She wanted to be his Mrs.

Lolu loved Layo sincerely and he couldn’t seem to be able to refuse her. He did almost everything she wanted. He had never loved a woman this much. Layo was his completer. She was smart, intelligent, courteous, diligent, beautiful and most importantly, she loved God, just as much as he does (except that sometimes, he feels she gets a bit over imaginative- she sometimes lose touch with reality by dwelling too much on fantasies)

They got married and Lolu heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, Rest. No jumping from one location to another and back.

They got an apartment in Lekki Phase 1 just so Layo could be closer to work and home but it never satisfied her. Layo wanted more. Lolu felt she was just been childish. He didn’t listen, he didn’t pay attention and in two years, they were headed for the rocks…

Take me home tonight

To be continued…

  • Your love, now and always
    Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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