Diary of A Pastor’s Wife (Episode 8)

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I remembered our vows,
I remembered the way he held my hands and
said to me that ours will be for better for

Diary of A Pastor’s Wife Episode 7

I remembered the way he preached, the way
he talked about God, the way I stood and
nodded in support of my husband.

I remembered the last time we made love.
I remembered his cold dark eyes, how he
glanced at me, and kissed me so passionately.
For twelve years, I loved him wholeheartedly,
prayed with him, and prayed for him.

I remembered my sweat, the evangelism, how
I convinced people to join the church so we
could make a large congregation.
These thoughts made a shiver run down my
spine. I became sick instantly, as Abigail, the
kids and I watched him break our wedding
frame. He ordered the boys to burn them into

“David you are a bastard! man of God my foot!
years back, you almost died when my sister
refused to marry you. Now look, the devil has
knocked your head again!” Abigail screamed.
But David acted like non of us existed. His eyes
were hardened. The cool breeze that kissed my
soft skin brought me back to reality.

“My lawyer is going to bring part of the money
in our family account to you. I am no more interested in this marriage.” David said huskily
as he tried to wipe the sweat on his forehead,
he said these words so lightly like it meant

“You will regret this! you will suffer! my God
will punish you!” Abigail’s comment instigated a
train of thought that instantly perturbed him.
“I am a man of God.” he retorted.

“You are a man of doom! Your greedy mother
made you a pastor so that her husband’s
ministry won’t be controlled by strangers. You
should have been a Monkey!” Abigail’s voice
raised, as the kids laughed in unison.

He stared sternly at me and the kids for
another ten seconds, sighed and walked away.
“Mummy, where is Daddy going?”
“To hell! he won’t ever come back. ” Abigail
replied with a frowned face.

“Where is hell aunty Abigail?” Teye asked.
But Abigail didn’t respond. She walked gently
and sat right beside me. Cuddling me like a
“all will be well adiaha eka.” she said, almost
Five months passed, and all I did was fast and
pray that God turns things around for my good.
Bitter resentment crawled inside of me, making
my anger boil as it seemed as if God wasn’t

The next day was a program in church
organized by International pastors wives the
themed was tagged “when women pray.”
“You should go mummy. I will take care of
Teye” my first daughter Said as if she was a
grown woman already.

I tickled her armpit in a funny way and she
laughed, a hearty girlish laugh that showed her
gap tooth.
“Mummy do me too.” Teye said, lifting her two
small hands up.
I stared at the two of them excitedly in

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