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Abigail’s face had softened, her eyes misted
over and for a moment, she was calm.
“I am going to be a real aunty for the first time
in my life Ekom.” she said tearily and smiled
brightly at the same time.


“You are an aunty already mbok, don’t let the
kids hear that.”
Lizzy called at that moment.

“Ekom, I am very close to your house, I had a
long day already at work, so I decided to just
come give you the injection at home and then tell you about something I discovered at the hospital.”


“I hope all is well Lizzy?”
“very well, don’t be scared.” I ended the call.
few minutes later, I heard the horn of Lizzy’s

“She is here.” Abigail said and immediately
stood up to fix the throw pillows in place.
Not Long Lizzy walked in, smelling of vanilla
body spray. she was wearing jeans, a boot and
huge cream colored sweater that came halfway down her thighs. She frantically looked around.

“Good evening ma.” Abigail greeted.
“Evening darling, you look so much like Ekom.” “She is my elder sister.”
“oh nice meeting you.” Lizzy said as she
nodded at her without quite smiling, a little
sheepish. “You look tired.” I said.

“My day was hectic. David came to the clinic to get his son’s test result. He came with Ifeoma and the little baby, you should have seen the look on his face when he discovered the boy is SS and he is AA.”

“What?” Abigail screamed.
I stared at Lizzy in disbelief.
“When he asked Ifeoma who the real father of
the baby was, she started speaking gibberish.
smh, give me ice water jare before my throat
will burst.”

Abigail rushes to the kitchen and runs out in a second with a bottle of water and a glass cup. Lizzy pours the water in the glass hastily and gulps it in her stomach.
“I hope you didn’t tell him that I expecting a

“God forbid! am I mad? that idiotic human
being called David doesn’t deserve you.” she
said and sipped the water lightly this time.
“nawa o, this God is the biggest game player.

Ekom you always said this.” Abigail said looking at me amazingly.
“when God said I will make a table before you,
in the presence of thy enemies. you thought he was talking to the devil? he was talking to us! You and I.” I said, and became totally unfazed.

“Who did she say is the real father of the
baby?” Abigail asked desperately.
Lizzy breathed an audible sigh of relief before
she replied.
“She mention one Usman and said he was
pastor’s former driver who used to live at the
boys quarters.

“What?” Abigail and I screamed unbelievably in unison.
Abigail laughed out loud, she laughed and fell on the floor. The sound of her laughter stayed in my head ever since then, it giggles me.

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