Child Marriage

Child marriage is rampant in Africa because of some factors like poverty. Parents push their daughters into an early marriage to make sure the financial security and protection.

These girls being naïve without proper knowledge of what marriage is all about becomes a burden, still trying to balance their teenage hobbies and handling a man can be mentally frustrating, taking care of these girls are expensive for example clothing, feeding and educating these girls.

For thousands of years, millions of Nigerian girls have been told they belong to the Kitchen and ‘the other room.’ Girls as young as 9 years have been pulled out of school, and introduced to men often double their age, as their husbands.

Obviously, the aftermath is disastrous. In addition, Nigeria is predominantly a patriarchs society, making it extremely difficult for girls to acquire secondary or tertiary education, or aspire for high positions in government or the corporate sector.

We are trying to educate the girl child, the life of a strong black girl is reaching out to a dystopia Nigeria today, we are calling and appealing to parents to stop giving their daughters out at a very early age into marriage.

Despite international agreements and national laws, the marriage of girls 18 years of age is common worldwide and affects millions. Child marriage is a human rights violation that prevents girls from obtaining their education, enjoying optimal health, bonding with others their own age, maturing, and ultimately choosing their own life partners.

Child marriage is driven by poverty and has many effects on a girl’s health. Increased risk for sexually transmitted diseases, cervical cancer, malaria, death during childbirth, and obstetrics fistula. Girls’ offspring are at increased risk for premature birth and death as neonatal, infants, or children. To stop child marriage, policies and programs must educate communities,
raise awareness, engage local and religious leaders, involve parents, and empower girls through education and employment.

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Awareness of reproductive health issues in developing nations are growing. Critical issues are the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among young people, childbearing by young girls, which can lead to obstetrics fistulas and death of the mother and child.

Child marriage, defined as the marriage of a child 18 years of age is an ancient, worldwide custom. Other terms applied to child marriage include “early marriage” and “child brides.” Early marriage is vague and does not necessarily refer to children. Moreover, what is early for one person may be late for another.

Child bride seems to glorify the process, implying a celebration and a bride who is happy to start a loving union with her spouse. But for the most part, girl brides do not know—and may have never met—their groom.

In 2002, 52 million girls 18 years of age were
married. With 25,000 girls 18 years being married each day, an estimated 100 million will be married by 2012 ( 1). Child marriages occur most often in South Asia, where 48% of women aged 15–24 have
been married before the age of 18, these figures are 42% for Africa and 29% for Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to some research and speeches made by other consecutive, child marriage decreases a girl’s development by resulting in early pregnancy and social isolation. It interrupts her education, limiting her opportunities for career and vocational advancement, placing her at increased risk of domestic violence, and exposing her to live threatening illnesses.

Some of the key ailments child brides are exposed to include Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF), Anaemia, High Blood Pressure (HBP), Premature Birth, Malnutrition, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Postpartum depression (PPD), and even suicide.

However It’s sad that the highest rates of child marriage across the globe, 17 are African countries, and Nigeria ranks at number 11. In neighboring West African country, Niger, 76% of girls are married before the age of 18, while in the Central African Republic the figure stands at 68%.

In Nigeria, child marriage has ancient cultural, religious and economic ties. It is believed that girls who marry after the age of 18 can become promiscuous, while other families give out their daughters to escape poverty.

Life of a strong black girl is creating a community and we are joining a thousand voices to say a big NO to Child bride, our parents should stop ruining our lives at a very young age.

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