16/05/2019 Organicarticle 0

LOW SELF-ESTEEM   I’ve struggled with my self-confidence since the tender age of seven, many things have contributed to me being an introvert. It affected […]

E-Affair 5 organicarticle.com

E-Affair 5

02/05/2019 Organicarticle 0

E-Affair 5   He started by asking her how she’d been. They were trying to make the conversation light when She began to cry and […]

E-Affair 4

E-Affair 4

30/04/2019 Organicarticle 1

E-Affair 4   Dele felt very sympathetic towards Layo and he just wanted to hug her, to tell her she’ll be fine. It was meant […]

E-Affair 3 organicarticle.com

E-Affair 3

29/04/2019 Organicarticle 2

E-Affair 3   Layo was clingy and Lolu felt she was been childish. Layo wanted the attention and time Lolu accorded her before they got […]