DADDY'S GIRL (Episode 1) By Ellen Eliza ****He shut the doors and windows angrily and headed towards his study as it began raining in torrents. Most people loved rain and the smell of sand during rainfall in a dry season but...
The policeman smiled and replied, “Young woman are sure you know the lady we are talking about here?” Rita nodded feverishly, “Yes, yes, Charlotte is my best friend.”
“I don’t like this game you are playing”“Oh nice, you don’t talk?” The guy standing beside her pressured her. Charlotte looked up at him, shook her head and kept on smiling. Rita would soon be here. The bass from the music was stronger now as the song had changed but she managed to keep pace with it.
“Zerah is a weakling in bed!” a woman, Aholibamah, who has been teased for a while, says.“How so?” says Amah“Yes … how so?” Another called Revel says.“We had not even started when it all ended!”
“I want to go for a walk.” Timna knows that Dinah can take a walk without help and she sighting the new dress Dinah is clutching to makes her look suspicious. Timna might be a handmaid, but she is not foolish, neither is she slow.
“Why didn’t you tell someone about it” Gift asked the umpteenth time. Lottie was obviously tired of being asked that question and didn’t bother concealing her look of incredulity. “You know my parents?” Gift nodded. “You then you should know what is expected of me and what shouldn’t be spoken about. Well, no one guess so even if I started showing slight signs during holidays spent at home, I no one knew anything.”
Two Women From different times Experience love that tears them apart.Two Families Powerful and strong Teaches how to love.

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