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Abena squinted as her eyes welcomed the gleaming morning sun filtering in through the half opened window. Rolling to her side, she saw a figure standing before the mirror adjusting his tie. Sitting upright, she yearned and stretched her tired body. As the figure turned, she recognized Samson’s handsome face.


“Top of the morning to you babe.” He greeted beaming the enchanting smile Abena hadn’t seen in years.
“Good morning dear, am so sorry for waking up late.” She replied trying to get out of bed.
“You don’t need to stress yourself out this morning, I already prepared breakfast.”


Abena was stunned, she must have heard him wrongly.
“I need to make you something.” She said, trying to get up again.

“Honey, I said I already made breakfast, as a matter of fact, I placed yours right over there.” He explained and when Abena turned, she saw a plate of fried egg, few loaves of bread and a saucer lying on the table.

Abena stared at him with disbelief, this was the same man who had never set foot in the kitchen for years.
“Come on baby the food is getting cold. ”
Still in shock, she brought up the saucer and took a little sip. The tea was ice cold but she dare not complain. Although she didn’t seems to have an appetite, she took a few bites from the bread.

Samson walked over to his wife and sat on the bed.
“Darling, what’s wrong? You are not eating well.” He asked.

Abena stared into her husband’s eyes and noticed something amiss but how ever she tried, she couldn’t figure out what was wrong. She ate a few more loaves of bread to satisfy her husband who had put lots of work into the cooking. As she ate, Samson brought out an handkerchief and gently wiped off the food remnant hanging at the edge of his wife’s lips.

“Words can’t express how much I love you.” He muttered as he rose up from bed.
Abena was awestruck by the words her husband uttered . She who had learnt through experience that the word “affection” had long vanished from her husband’s dictionary.

“I really have to get going now, take good care of yourself.” He planted a light kiss on her cheek.
“Thanks so much for the breakfast darling, have a great day.” She replied basking in excitement as he watched him leave.

Abena wanted to get out of bed but felt a little tired and decided to take a few minutes to relax. She was just about drifting into slumber again when a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in I haven’t locked the door.” She said thinking her husband had forgotten something.

The door opened and it wasn’t her husband but Aisha her best friend who strode in. All the years Abena had known her friend, she had never seen her looking so forlorn.

“Good morning Abena, how are you feeling?” Aisha asked.
“Am fine, why are you looking so morose Aisha? Hope there is no problem?” Abena questioned.

Aisha couldn’t dignify her friends
question with a response, instead she eyed the half eaten meal beside the bed.
“Oh you have eaten!! Thank God.” Aisha exclaimed.
“You won’t believe what happened today, Samson made me breakfast.” She announced joyfully.
Aisha threw her friend a questioning look.

“I know it’s unbelievable but Samson has really changed, It’s like he has been reborn.” Abena explained further but realized her friend was staring strangely at her.

“Aisha, you are not saying anything, what’s wrong?”
“You need to stop thinking Abena, Samson has left for good.” Aisha said.
“Of course, he left for work just few minutes ago.” Abena replied.
“You need to forget about him girl, Samson is dead.” Aisha dropped the bomb.

Aisha’s word pricked her like a needle, she jolted up angrily.
“Don’t ever proclaim negativity on my husband. Samson is not dead.”
Aisha’s mouth was agape as she watched her friend flared up.
“I need you to please calm down Abena.” She persuaded.

“Why on earth will you tell me he is dead? Wasn’t he the one who made this breakfast?” Abena scorned.
She angrily fished out her phone, switched it on and then dialed Samson’s number. When the call didn’t connect at first, she wanted to redial but was disturbed by the numerous phone and social media messages rushing in. She read through one of them and dropped her phone in shock.

“I don’t understand what’s happening. My husband is not dead.” She insisted.
“Abena, I need you to calm down and think.”
Abena sat confusingly on the bed, she tried to think but it seems a fog was covering her memory.

Suddenly her eyes fell on something on the table beside her meal, It was their wedding ring. She reached for it and immediately her hand touched it, her memory came back. The ring was all that was left of her husband from the plane crash. She remembered how she had lost her two months old pregnancy in grief and how Aisha had moved in to take care of her.

It became dawn on her that the food she thought her husband prepared had been served to her the previous night. What she couldn’t understand was why it all felt so real; his voice, his smile, his touch.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe

Photo credit: istockphoto

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