A Match Made In Heaven 7

A Match Made In Heaven 7

A Match Made In Heaven 7



I’ve never been into women. How could I ever like women when I felt like a woman myself? Physically, I am not girly but I know what I know and I know I am a woman inside. I’m sure I must have been a girl but someone from my father’s village must have played a fast one on my mum when she was pregnant with me. I should have come like a girl, but life is what it is.

My dad is a pastor and there’s no way announcing my status would be easy on him and so I kept this little secret to myself.

I was thankful when I was sent abroad for my college, university degree and masters program. I was in a land where I was accepted for who I was and I was free. Then I was told to either come back to Nigeria or forfeit my inheritance. I had to come back home.

Now, dad had to add marriage again. Well, I’ll keep playing along.

Bewaji is a really cool lady but I don’t feel anything sexual towards her. I made her see reasons with me why we couldn’t get intimate and funny enough, she agreed. It turned out that this holy sister wasn’t really holy after all!

Well, it’s fine, I get to be me and she gets to be her.

Cunning man die, na cunning man bury am…

A Match Made In Heaven 6

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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