A Match Made In Heaven 6

A Match Made In Heaven 6

A Match Made In Heaven 6



Adekunle told me he was a homosexual. He said he had always felt like a woman within. All his years abroad, he lived as a homosexual. He knew homosexuals were not welcomed in Nigeria and he didn’t want to come back to Nigeria but now his father had given him a condition that if he didn’t come back home, all his properties would be given to charity.

Adekunle wanted the properties and that was why he did his father’s bidding. Adekunle told me point blank that he feels like a woman and there was no way he was going to sleep with another woman–he said it didn’t feel right.

I couldn’t believe my ears. This was not what I bargained for!

I told him to excuse me after he made the confession. He apologized but I just told him to give me time.

I had time to think and I came up with the perfect plan. If Adekunle wants to continue to live as a homosexual, then I should be allowed to continue my relationship with Sojimi. I suddenly felt relaxed.

I called Adekunle and we reached a truce. He was to continue is act, while I would continue with my relationship with Sojimi. We suddenly both felt a weight taken off our shoulders.

We continued with our trip to Dubai. In Dubai, we acted as if we were siblings – no one would believe we were married as Adekunle frequently visited homosexual clubs, while I was forever on phone with the love of my life – Sojimi. I enjoyed every bit of the trip and so did Adekunle.

We came back to Nigeria and relocated to Port Harcourt. Sojimi relocated as well. My somewhat dark cloud suddenly seemed to have a silver lining…

A Match Made In Heaven 5

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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