A Match Made In Heaven 5

A Match Made In Heaven 5

A Match Made In Heaven 5



I know my actions are despicable but blame it on love. I slept with Sojimi on the eve of my wedding. I was so scared of getting married to Adekunle that I reached out to Sojimi that night, after staying away for 3 years. Poor Sojimi. He still had my number and was more than excited when I said I needed to see him. Sojimi is truly my God sent man and we allowed the flesh to destroy us!

We met at a hotel and fell once again. My heart betrayed me. It was as if I was meant only for Sojimi. I can’t be free of him.

I got married to Adekunle the next day without much excitement. I knew our union was a sham- I wasn’t the woman Adekunle thought I was.

Our honeymoon was to be in Dubai and right from our wedding night, I noticed a lot of things. Adekunle is one weird man. At the reception, I noticed when he was asked to kiss his bride, he was reluctant. When he eventually did, he acted as if he was disgusted. It felt strange. While we were yet engaged, I thought his insistence on having no physical contact was because of sexual purity but his behavior at the reception showed something more was wrong. I kept this discovery to myself.

While we journeyed from the reception to the hotel we had booked, he didn’t come close, talk more of trying to cuddle me. I thought he was shy. We got to the hotel only to find out that he had booked two separate rooms for us.

He told me in clear terms that I wasn’t to come to his room because he was too tired and he bade me good night.

You should see the look on my face. I was left standing by my hotel door, in my wedding gown looking like I just got a death sentence. What was this man saying? I asked myself. I sat on the bed. I had no strength to remove my wedding dress. I just sat still, looking into nothingness.

I was in that position till the following day. Adekunle came knocking in the morning. He came in when he heard no sound. He saw how miserable I looked and assisted me in undressing. As he undressed me, he told me the story of his life and why this marriage was a cover-up…


A Match Made In Heaven 4

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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