A Match Made In Heaven 4

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A Match Made In Heaven 4


Three months later…


‘I finally got who I wanted! Bewajimi is finally mine! The night she got married to that Rat (Adekunle) was the day she became mine.

How happy I am!

I have made sacrifices for this relationship too. You know, I had to leave my Lagos job and apartment and move to Port Harcourt just so I can be close to Bewajimi.

I got a job the exact week I moved to Port Harcourt, a job that paid more than my previous employment and with so many benefits. I’ve always known that Ours is a Match Made In Heaven! Marriage cannot separate us!

Let my family go to blazes. They were angry I was moving to the east. They wanted me to at least get a wife before deciding where I wanted to settle. Only if they’d known why I moved!

I ain’t marrying no woman. They should better forget it. If I was ever going to marry any woman, it would be Bewajimi. At least her husband is still alive, my mum will have to wait till he dies to have the daughter in law she always wanted me to bring home.

I’m cool being a side chick! Who says being a side chick is meant for ladies alone anyways? Who made the rule?

As long as I get to spend time with my Bewajimi, my life is good.

Wait a minute- what if she gets pregnant with my child? What if her first child comes out looking like my carbon copy? Won’t tongues wag? Will that not expose our little arrangement?

Yen yen… I don’t care! It would probably just seal my entitlement of her.

But would Bewajimi be able to cope with all the backlash? Will she be able to handle the gossips and comments?’

A Match Made In Heaven 3

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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