A Match Made In Heaven 3

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A Match Made In Heaven 3


I am that all time ‘Abroad son’ of Pastor Cletus. I am that young man with a dark past. I look so innocent but I’m really far from being one. Unspeakable and unimaginable things I’ve done. No one knows about these things.

No one knows why I came back except my dad. I feel like coming home alone is good repentance.

I like Nigerians. Being quiet equals being perfect here. I like that I’m being respected. No one has asked me questions, I ain’t opening my mouth to give answers to questions I have not been asked.

By the weekend, I’ll be getting married to Bewaji. She’s a good girl, just that she’s too quiet. I’m sure she’s one of those ladies that will keep quiet in the face of Marital crisis. She’s my perfect specimen.

She had sexual relations with one man and she had to tell the whole world. Well, her luck and that’s why she’s the lady I chose to marry.

If you ask me, I feel she’s hiding something from the world. I’m a serial sinner and I know when guilt is eating deep into a man. I know something is eating her. She’s my perfect match. Ours is a Match Made In Heaven.

I’m sure I’ll soon find out what it is she’s hiding and soon, I’ll have something to use against her.

I want this wedding ceremony done with already. I’m sure she won’t talk when she discovers who I really am. I know she’ll rather endure than speak against the son of Pastor Cletus. Let me keep padding up and acting all nice.

By this time Saturday, it would be done. Everything would have been sealed…

OH, before I forget, here’s an invite to my wedding. You are cordially invited.

‘Bewaji Weds Adekunle’
Access Card
13. 07. 2018
7. 00 am
Tinubu Grand Square
Balogun Street, Lagos

Dress Code: White and a touch of Gold
# BADE’18


A Match Made In Heaven 2

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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