A Match Made In Heaven 2

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A Match Made In Heaven 2


Bewajimi- just like her name connotes, is an epitome of beauty. Omo to ni iwa, to si lewa ( translated – a lady of great character and beauty).

I never got over our breakup. I had messed up big time. Sexual sin has always been my undoing. I try to be good. I did not want her defiled but I couldn’t help myself. I always end up regretting my actions.

After Bewajimi, I’ve been in two other relationships but it just didn’t feel as lovely as when I was with my Bewajimi. Bewajimi definitely has something on me!

I am a child of God in my own standard. I go to church, I pray sometimes, I even pay my tithes and offerings but I don’t have a stable place of worship. All those Pastors are the same thing joor! All these churches are full of hypocrites. All those men of God that are actually men of their pockets! Tueh! I even know scriptures than most of these pastors, why then should I be submissive and respect them? I will only respect any Pastor that respects me.

I am a moralist as long as it has nothing to do with sexual matters. I just can’t seem to help myself. I go to church when I have time, Bewajimi made me go to church a lot then. Ah, that my sweet girl.


After Bewajimi I tried two other relationships, but it just wouldn’t work. The first girl was a lady of easy virtue. The second lady was not caring enough. All I needed from them was 30 percent of who Bewajimi was but they failed.

I’m back to square one. No Woman in my life, no Bewajimi. My life’s course has totally taken a turn on its own. Only Bewajimi can change my story.

I heard she’s getting married this weekend.


Not even marriage with another man will take you from me. Only death will do us apart.

Marriage cannot
Marriage no fit
Marriage no reach…


A Match Made In Heaven 1

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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