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A Match Made In Heaven 1


He was my first. It was once but it felt like forever. It’s three years and that memory is still very fresh. I’m getting married to one of the best men on earth this weekend, yet I’m scared. I’m worried and afraid at the same time.

I ended the relationship with Sojimi three years ago and even cut all ties with him but my heart still longs for him.

By Saturday, I’ll be Marrying Adekunle. Adekunle is a nice man but Sojimi… I can’t just describe the feeling. The longer I stayed away from Sojimi the more my heart pants after him.

Sojimi made me into a woman. I was pure until I met Sojimi. Sojimi was churchy, he had a lot of Bible-believing slangs in his mouth, his dressing was just perfect, he was well principled and most of all, he knew the way to my heart.

I wasn’t his first but he made me feel special. I know I’m special to Sojimi. He couldn’t live without me.

I wish we had waited. I wish we had not gone too far. I went too far with him and guilt was killing me. I informed my Parents and my Pastor. They prayed for me and told me to cut all ties With Sojimi. Everyone thought it was over. I knew it wasn’t over.

Everyone thought my being quiet was my way of reconnecting back with God. They didn’t know I was lost forever.

I still secretly want Sojimi but I knew we would just go deeper and deeper to our vomit.

I’m getting married, yet my heart still longs for Sojimi.

I don’t think I’m ever going to enjoy this marriage. This marriage is doomed from the word – go. My heart is with Sojimi and therein lies my treasure.

Doomed is this marriage from the very beginning …

E-Affair 3

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi

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