Maria Kent stood in front of the dinning table, arranging the meal she had prepared when she felt strong arms wrap around her waist.
She shakes her head, setting the cutlery down on one side and spinning around to face the owner of the arms currently wrapped around her.
She stares up at him, encircling her arms around his neck.
“What’s got you so smiley this morning?” She asks with a smile of her own.

“Nothing much. Seeing my wife wearing my sweatpants got me excited” he smirks
“Which kind of excited do you mean if I may ask? The excitement that fills your heart with joy or the excitement that makes a certain little junior stand like a pole hmm?” She teases.
“Now now my dear wife. Slow down will ya? I know I’m irresistible but…” He lifts one hand off her waist to caress her cheeks
“If you wanted me so bad you could have just winked and I’ll be at your service my lady”
Maria rolls her eyes
“Don’t flatter yourself too much love.”

“Oh come on. You want me, I know you do”
“Maybe yes. But not now. I just had a baby, James”
“Speaking of babies, have you….”
James trails off when the shrill cry of their daughter filled their ears.
They stare at each other, eyes wide
“Valerie!” They both shrieked simultaneously and made for the stairs.

Reaching the door to the master bedroom, Maria pushes the door open, rushing in to pick her daughter from the crib.
“Hush now love… Mama is here, stop crying… Shhh” she coaxes while rubbing circles on the baby’s back soothingly.
Several minutes later, after trying everything she could, Valerie seemed not to be calming down.
Agitated, Maria bites her lips wondering what to do next to make her baby stop crying.

James was besides himself with worry.
Being parents for the first time wasn’t easy.
Waking up at late hours of the night to tend to a crying baby.
“Have you checked her diapers?” James asks his wife making her slap her forehead.
“Oh dear, what a horrible mother I am. She must be feeling uncomfortable” she chides herself
“Hey” James comes to her, squatting near her

“As time goes by you’ll get a hang of this parenting thing. I will too. Come, I’ll help you change her diapers” he says and Maria smiles thankfully.
Quickly they both got to work.
After Maria had discarded the used diapers, she begins to powder baby Valerie.
Midway she stops, staring at a particular spot beneath the baby’s ears.
“What’s this?” She asks quietly, moving closer to peer beneath the child’s ears.
“What is it, Maria?” James asks.

“Look at this” Maria picks the baby off the bed, adjusting her in her arms to give her husband a better view.
James peers at it, eyes narrowing.
Just below the baby’s right ear was a birthmark.
More like a fresh tattoo.
The mark was the shape of a half moon.
Both husband and wife stared at the strange shape.

As far as they were concerned, non of their family members had such a birthmark that looked like a perfectly carved tattoo.
They could have sworn that mark was not there till today.
Baby Valerie had been born a month ago and they’d been bathing her, feeding, changing her diapers and clothes every day and yet in that whole month, not for once had they noticed that mark on her ear.
Were they blind not to have noticed it?
Certainly not.

That mark was small yet it was so dark and visible against baby Valerie’s pale skin that it was impossible not to see.
“This is strange James. Where did this mark come from?” Maria mutters.
Her husband shakes his head, equally baffled.
“I do not know either love. This is my first time seeing it… But…” He pauses, a smile softening his features.

“It’s quite beautiful. A half moon shaped birthmark. Perhaps this is God’s own way of saying sorry to us after making us wait more than eight Years to become parents” he caresses the mark on baby Valerie’s skin
Maria laughs.
“Perhaps.” She agrees as they both admire the beautiful crescent shape.
A mistake they did.
They shouldn’t have admired it.
No, they shouldn’t…



It was pitch black. There was darkness everywhere.
The moon had taken it’s full shape as it shone upon the earth from where it sat in the skies.
She could see herself, or at least someone who looked a tad bit like her wearing old fashioned clothes.
They couldn’t be described as clothes. No not In her opinion.
They were more like pieces of cloths sewn together and worn as something that resembled a tank top with the ends tied at her back just like you would clasp a bra at the back.

And the other piece of cloth was tied around her waist to serve as a miniskirt.
And her hair. It was as dark as the night.
Braided in cornrows and tied at the back of her head.
She was running out of an old-fashioned house with an ugly dried bamboo stick nailed together to form some sort of gate.
“You know the rules young lady!’
“Yes, mother! Don’t be late, return on time!”
She yelled.

The woman she had supposedly called mother chuckled from where she sat cracking her nuts.
Then she runs out, excited, sprinting through the fields like she was familiar with her surroundings.
Suddenly she stooped when she reached an uncompleted building.
She stared at the building, an uneasy feeling settling in the pit of her stomach.almost instantly
In a flash, four shadows appeared from the dark.

Their faces were blurry, yet from their clothes and the silhouette of their stature, she could easily tell they were men.
She was supposed to be scared, that some men were ambushing her in a lonely place at night but no.
She felt rage. Fury. Anger and thirst.
A deep scowl etched on her face as she growled at the blurry faces of the four men.
“I’ll find you all and I’ll have my revenge. I’ll kill you all with my bare hands. I’ll have my revenge! I’ll kill you!”


Valerie jerks off the bed In an instance, panting and sweating.
Hurriedly, she reached out to switch the bedside lamp on.
Grabbing the half-filled jar of water, she lifts it up and chugs down the water gulping noisily.
She set the jar down and wipes the side of the lips where a little water had escaped.
She wipes her sweaty brow with the back of her hand, still panting.
She stares up at the wall clock.
It was 1:15 am.

Valerie stares down at herself. She was no longer wearing that tattered cloth.
She sighs.
It was just a dream. A nightmare.
A nightmate that had become a part of her life for a few weeks now.
She’d started to have the same nightmares over and over again where she saw herself wearing tattered clothes and shouting revenge at some boys whose face she couldn’t even see.

She so much looked like the woman in her dream.
Who was that woman she’d addressed as mother in her dream?
Where was that uncompleted building located at?
Why did that place give her the chills?
Whom were those four boys or perhaps men?
Why was she yelling revenge at them in her dream?
Valerie groans, yanking the duvet away from her as she steps down and makes her way to the dressing mirror
So many questions yet she had no answers to any of them.

If she dared tell her parents she was having repeated dreams with her yelling revenge all the time to some unknown boys, they’d probably think she’s going crazy.
She rubs her face up and down, trying to recall the faces of those four men.
Yet nothing.
No result. Absolutely nothing… She always came to a dead end anytime she tried to figure out her dreams.
Oh my God! If He was going to make her keep having such strange dreams, He should at least show her the faces of those four men.
Why? Why all this when she was soon going to turn eighteen?
She groans again.

Suddenly the idea of turning eighteen didn’t thrill or excite her anymore.
All she wanted was to find answers to those damn dreams!
Dreams that deprived her of her pretty sleep!
And that woman she called mother…
Those men!
Valerie bangs her fist on the table.

Couldn’t she have a peaceful sleep like any normal teenager?
Her mind goes back to those four men in her dream.
She couldn’t stop thinking about them.
Somehow, she found herself thinking more and more about them.
Who were they?
Are they her brothers?
Do they even exist?
What are their names?
Where do they live?
Are they even in Angola? Or a different country?
Oh for heaven’s sake!.

The more she thinks of them, the more she got angry…
Valerie grips the edges of the dressing table.
A strange angry feeling washing over, crawling up her toes and climbing it’s way up to her head.
What was this?.
What was happening?
Why was she suddenly feeling angry?
It was the sane anger she felt in her dream when she screamed revenge at those four men.


Valerie suddenly groans.
A sharp pain hitting her as her body began to feel hot all of a sudden.
The strange birthmark beneath her right ear began to hurt.
She places her fingers over the mark, shutting her eyes.
It lasted for only a few seconds.
The pain came and went in a flash.
Valerie opens her eyes again and stares at her reflection.

Her eyes goes wide immediately with shock as she staggers back.
There In her reflection, her eyes were glowing bright green.
And… And her hair…
Her black hair had turned red.
And was flying in all directions as an invisible wind blew it.
Valerie grabs her now turned red hair and flips it harshly.

Her sudden movement causes the dressing mirror to miraculously shatter breaking into tiny pieces except for only one piece of mirror that continued to hang on the wall, refusing to fall with the others.
A writing in bold letters appears on the hanging mirror.
Only one word.
Valerie screams in horror.


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