Alagbaka, Akure

The election that made Oke Emmanuel the governor was called miraculous by those who believed in it. Three weeks before the elections, the candidate of the major opposition party- Action Party, Akingbade Jubril was the favourite to win. He had the support of the masses and even that of the sitting President, Galadima Hammed.

Things changed when The Punch Newspaper Investigative Journalist, Mohammed Hassan, brought to life some dead news from his past to speak against his ambitions.
While serving as the Commissioner for Finance, Jubril did many shady deals and buried them well. But two were not well covered. One, he diverted pensioners’ funds to build himself a world-class hotel- the Lakesun Hotel at Oba Adesida Road. In justifying his actions, he asserted, “I borrowed it, and will refund as soon as the profits come in.’’ But profits didn’t come in as planned.

Secondly, he had an affair with his then secretary, Chidinma Eugene. She got pregnant, and he blamed her for being careless. ‘’Don’t tell me you are not wise enough to use contraceptives when spreading your legs for a man you are not married to,’’ he barked at her when she told him about the pregnancy. For fear that his reputation might be damaged. He made her abort. She died on the abortion table, a free sacrifice to Yama, the Hindu god of death.

When dealing with ladies, one must be very careful because whatever one does with a lady, she will tell at least one person before she dies.
In the Zippergate Scandal, Monica Lewinsky never wanted to say anything about her amorous relationship with Bill Clinton. It was her friend Linda Tripp in whom she confided that sold the story to agent Lucianne Goldberg. Chidinma confided in her friend Akinsipe Olapeju, and she sold the story to Hassan with convincing evidence.

To Jubril, Olapeju was used by the PPP to destroy his political career. He was not a man that easily forgave. The shock of the event spun him into a deep depression. And though he eventually got out of it, he never really got over it. He wanted revenge.
Those people were worse than himself after all, and nothing had happened to their political careers. He wanted to destroy the PPP in Ondo State together with everything it represented. He saw himself as a tool in God’s hands to wipe out those men. He was the one that planted the terrorist on the sunlit street of Alagbaka Akure.

As Agent Precious was returning to the safe house, She slightly shaking her tiny waist as she sang along to Simi’s “Soldier.” Soldier go, soldier come, soldier do wetin you want, but don’t fall in love with me. Solider me I no dey do. Solider find another boo, but don’t you fall in love with me, Mr. Soldier….’’ And then, something happened that made her knew she was in trouble.


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