A Match Made In Heaven 8


Adekunle –

She’s pregnant already. Three months gone. It’s funny our marriage is just three months and she’s already three months pregnant. I can’t believe this. This holy sister was already sleeping with her lover boy even before we got married!


Well, good for her. At least, she gets to experience the total package of what being a woman entails. Life has been made easy for her. Our little secret remains a secret forever.

But wait a minute- what if the child comes out looking like her covetous lover boy. Would I be able to live with a bastard child? Would they expect me to foot the bills of this seed of theirs?

I definitely cannot send another man’s child to school! Won’t this be my loss eventually if I allow this slut to keep this baby?

What is best for all of us for her to have an abortion. I can’t treat a bastard as my child and if the child resembles the lover boy too much, her secret might be exposed. It is best she aborts. If she is so eager to have a child then we have the option of adoption.

She can’t have this baby. It’s too risky.
She’s aborting this baby, she must


A Match Made In Heaven 7

To be continued

Your love, now and always
Mercy Oluwafemi Adeniyi


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