Group D: Day 4 Duel 2

Group D: Day 4 Duel 2

So far, the contestants have been bringing the game to the rings. Today, we are taking it all out to the streets.

Yesterday’s scoresheet is IN.



Bring it ON!!!

Fighting in the rings is VICKY BON UZUAZOR against MAZI CHIKELU CHINO on: A 400-word story on LOVE HURTS

The RULES are easy

* Ensure to READ both stories

*Vote the one you think best interprets the theme.

Story 1 or 2.

* No cajoling for votes. DO NOT influence public opinion.

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Story 1.

The Rain of April Eight

As He was the boy who stood by the stands while the boys played football, smiling and leaping for joy when his classmate scored a goal. But I was a girl who knew him differently. To me, he was the gangly boy who held so much pain in his gentle smiles, and the one who could groan with his cheeks puffed and his eyes as gleeful as the bioluminescence of fireflies.

He was Alu. The boy who sat by my side through those tiring hours of academic labour. Him, aloof, waiting only for punchlines that will spread a quiver of reckless laughing—the hilarity of which he had courted and delivered with precision. Then he would recline and savour that moment when we would all laugh and spill our notebooks because Alu had the power to make someone giggle in a funeral. Even though Alu made us laugh together, he was a boy who cried alone.

I knew this because I was there. On a chilly first day of April. The rains had poured the night before, and then the whole school was on the brink of a Math exam. It was as if that morning was mourning—dark and wet. I was sitting on one of the slabs adjacent to the lawn tennis court, humming and hawing; trying so hard to make sense out of trigonometry, then I saw him. Alu. He was dragging himself, something in between limping and the caution of traversing a field full of broken bottles. It was the wrong place. No business would take a student to a room full of cement bags, nails and other scraps of building work. I followed him.

There was Alu sprawled on the floor. His writhing mass was covered in white dust and his deep moans hovered above the hollow space, rippling like echoes from something or somewhere unknown. I knelt beside him and clutched him, and while he cried in pain; the rhythm of his trembling body heaved me up and down like the motions of iambic poetry. That night I read about crises and sickle cell anemia, till the school lights went off, and till my eyes got swollen from reading words that said dreadful things about Alu.

On the eighth of April, two days after I had kissed Alu on the hallway that separated the kitchen from the girls’ hostel, and a day after I told him that I loved him, inside the Chemistry lab, my eyes starry and my heart beating… On that day the cloud was dewy-eyed and the rain poured endlessly. The principal gathered us with the school bell and announced to us that Alu tried his best but God knows the best.


Story 2.

The cloud has grown heavy with water. They throw shadows down the streets. I can smell rain.

My heart still thinks of you, and I cry daily.

Don’t listen to my grumbling. I mustn’t bore you.
Here and now, this new place I stay is lonely and quiet, only the sound of the angelus bell by the Catholic Church could be heard twice in the day.

I recall, that evening, you were still my lover.

“I love you Ezinne.” You said in soft whispers. As silky as your voice, your body slid into the swirling water. Wantonly the water licked upward, inch by inch, wetting and matting your afro hair, making sleek the bronzer skin. It eddied around your thighs, caressed your loins, spun over your belly. I was mesmerized, you were so beautiful. Uncountably such beauty made me weep.

I remember on that day, through the surging water you came toward me like a merciless ocean deity intent on satisfying a whim.

Your lips closed over mine as your arms went around me with unarguable possession. You lowered your knees, dragging me back into the whirlpool with you.
I was drowning, but not in the whirlpool. I was inundated with my own passions. I was powerless against the demands of my body. It’s how you made feel all the time.

“When are you leaving for America?” I asked.
You smiled. “Don’t worry, I see the worries written all over your face, you and I will be getting a visa together…”

I screamed so loud, my voice echoed. It was a delighted scream. “You mean am?” I asked in pidgin English.

“Na so! Me and you we go marry for America.” I kissed you again on the cheeks. You placed me carefully back on the pavement and dived back into the water.

“Don’t go too deep!” I exclaimed as the water splashed all over my body.

You stay for too long, as I couldn’t hear you swim anymore. My heart rams against my ribs as I sat there for long moments and didn’t hear the splashes of water anymore.

I cried so loud. “Come out Ikenna!”

The villagers came, they looked at me as I’m a child too young to understand. They shake their heads.” She has gone mad. Nobody is here. Or were you with a water spirit?”

The rain carries on all morning, yet, I still think of you.





  1. I’ve been in this kind of shoe 👞 once.that almost made away with my life like it did to ALU…but as we keep trying our BEST to survive GOD equally Knows the REST…

    I VOTE 🗳 STORY ONE(1).

  2. I vote story 1.

    All thesame, the both stories are quite impressive. Story 2 reminds me of something beyond fiction, the brain behind it is extraordinary.

  3. Story one is so unique, I think I like it, though the two stories are good, but I go for story 1.

  4. I vote story 1. Chinook is a young prolific writer who knows how to knite his message about with wits, humours, and suspense. This little story is a masterpiece well orchestrated in very simple and straight to comprehend English language. I only wished he went on and on with the story. Kudos great writer see you on top.

    My name is Blessing Iyare

  5. 😭😭😭
    Both stories are exceedingly beautiful. I can relate very well with story 1, having attended a boarding school. But to be honest, story two has several hidden elements that are powerfully beautiful. They need you to see with your inner eyes… I feel sad that it seems I’m the only one seeing this. Reincarnation, for one…

    I Vote Story 2.

  6. Story 1 has my vote. I love the suspense and the fact that it portrays the theme vividly.

  7. I vote story one. The writer wrote a book in a page. Short story but great suspense and huge emotions. Love hurts, it does.

  8. Wow i vote story 1
    It was as if i was reading prof chinua’s writings

  9. Wowwww both stories are good but I must make a choice, I Vote story 1

  10. Wow story 1. Who is he? You are very good I must say. I vote definitely is for story 1.

  11. The two stories are good. I read them carefully. The language is superb from both sides. But I think story 1 is in a quintessential form.

    What the…

    I am blown away!

    A tough decision, but I’m going for story 1.

  12. Story 1 all the way. The writer got my eyes full of liquid. Thank you

  13. Story 2. It is simpler to grasp at first read what the writer is trying to convey which hits the nail on the head regarding the topic.

  14. The first and second line in story one didn’t join well. Asides that, story 1 did no wrong. It drew one in, made me want to know what’s up with Alu. Beautiful writing. Kudos to the writer.

    Story 2 had sleek words alright but wasn’t striking enough. The twist in the end that was supposed to save it face was poorly done.

    I vote story 1.

  15. Stop 2 shows an excellent writer, well described. The writer is good. I vote story 2…

  16. I vote story 1
    The theme is well projected in the story
    Competent useage of figurative expressions gave it more professionalism
    Story 1 has my vote

  17. O my God, couldn’t get my eyes of this story that
    gave me a teary eyes.

    Story one (1) it is for me.
    I love the suspense.

  18. I vote for story 1, filled with suspense and best interprets the theme

  19. I vote story one,bcos the write up is full of suspense….d writer made use of his words carefully exploring many figurative expression …..story 1it is

  20. I vote story one because its full of suspense and other figurative expressions

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