Harmony didn’t quite understand what he meant by saying he believed in double personalities more than most people but she took the time to explain the story line to him while they sat together. She made sure he was sitting right next to her while she sat between him and her daughter who sat next to Vivian.

Altar Ego was about a man who would never succumb to his other good side and enjoyed doing evil all the time. However, his good side showed up the day he saw a beautiful girl which Harmony played and then he had to battle with his inner evil and his good side.
All through the movie, Harmony couldn’t stop looking at Ichabod, he seemed pretty immersed in the movie even though he never really understood most of what was being said apart from when the full English language, still it was easy for Harmony to explain to him.

Ichabod was quiet all through. Part of him could relate with the Akeem or whatever the name was. He still couldn’t understand how Harmony had come across this story line. Did she know something that he didn’t know? Did she know who he was? Well, he hoped not.


Hours later, Vivian and Tracy were walking hand in hand towards Harmony’s car while she and Ichabod walked behind. She couldn’t stop noticing how quiet he had become ever since the movie ended. She thought it was probably nothing so she decided to introduce him to her daughter and her friend.
“Hey, guys wait up. I haven’t done a proper introduction.” She said, shouting so that Vivian and Tracy would hear her. They stopped and turned around.
“Urm, Vivian, this is Ichabod, and Ichabod, this is my bestfriend slash Person Assistant slash Tracy’s godmother. Guys, this is Ichabod, my bodyguard, and driver, he’s part of the family now.”

Vivian rolled her eyes. “Seriously, now you are introducing us since morning. Anyway, nice to meet you Icky.” She said, handing him her hand.
“Nice to meet you, my lady,” Ichabod said with a bow, taking her hand to his lips.
“Wow! Seriously! Aren’t you a charmer.” Vivian said, blushing and laughing, a little bit surprised at his mode of greeting.

“Daddy!” Tracy shouted excitedly, taking everyone by surprise.
“Wow, I am honored but I really am not your daddy….”Ichabod said.
“Not you silly…” Tracy replied, laughing and pointing, “mummy look, its daddy.”
The three looked towards the direction she was pointing and that was when Ichabod saw a young man who seemed to be in his late thirties. He was all suited up, plaited hair. Good, God! When did man start plaiting their hair? Wasn’t that meant to be for the women?

He had two men behind him who looked unfriendly and were wearing dark spectacles.
“Oh, it’s Michael,” Vivian said in a low breath.
“How is my little angel doing?” Michael said as he got closer, sweeping Tracy in his hands. The little girl laughed excitedly.
Ichabod was confused, was Harmony married to this man? Yea of course, why wouldn’t she be married to him, she had a kid obviously. That would mean she had a husband. All of a sudden he could that his plan was bound to fail. His wife in another life was married to another man and had a kid. There was no way Odin would not win this battle, Ichabod could feel it already.

“Hey babe, hi Vivian,” Michael said to the other women before putting Tracy down.
“Sup Michael, long time no see,” Vivian said on purpose.
“What are you doing here Michael?” Harmony asked, looking a little bit unhappy to see him. Ichabod wondered why she was not pleased to see him when they were a family.
“What are you talking about?” Michael said, coming closer to kiss her on the forehead. “Are you saying I can’t come and greet the most beautiful ladies in the world? No offense Vivian.” He addedm stepping further back.

“None taken.” Vivian replied. “I guess I will see you tomorrow Harmony. Goodnight love.” Vivian said, throwing a kiss to Tracy who waved at her.
“Yea, I will call you,” Harmony announced to her friend who nodded and waved at Ichabod as well. Ichabod waved back just in time to see Michael looking at him with a questioning look.
“Who is he?” Michael demanded.

“He is none of your business Michael.” Harmony replied signaling to Ichabod to get the car ready. The man nodded and walked away.
“Oh, isn’t that the man on the document I saw in your bag?”
Harmony raised her brows. “Oh, you were snooping around in my bag! Michael!”
“Yea, I have to. You don’t tell me things Harmony. Besides, I need to be sure that I am comfortable with the people you bring around our daughter!”
Harmony scoffed. “Really? How daughter? I can’t believe you, Michael.” She turned to Tracy who was looking sad by the minute. “Come on let’s go Tracy.” She said as Ichabod drove to their side.

Tracy looked really sad but still looked up at his father.
“Dad, are you going to come to my Halloween party?”
“Sure baby. I will be there. Just tell your mother to send me all the details and…”
“Come, baby, let’s go,” Harmony ordered, lifting Tracy up into her arms as Ichabod stepped out to open the car door for them. He waited as the door closed behind them and was about going around to get into the driver’s seat when one of the goons that had followed Michael stopped him.
He frowned.

“Hey young, man, I believe we have no business together.”
Michael walked closer to him, now he was holding a cigar in between his lips. “Actually, we do now. Those two ladies are the world to me White man and if anything happens to them, you will be roasted. You better not to try anything funny with my wife and…..”
“You seem more like a pig to me than a husband or a father….” Odin grunted out loud.
“What did you just say to me….?”

Ichabod gained his control immediately. “I am so sorry. Please, Let me just take them home.” He said and quickly walked to his seat before Harmony started getting worried.
When he got into the car, he brought out the bottle, put in a few drops…
“What is that?” Harmony asked behind him.
“Urm…just my medication…” He lied with shaky hands before hiding it in his inner jacket.
“Okay. I know Michael must have rattled you out. I am so sorry,” Harmony apologized.
“It’s okay.” He replied.

“I will give you the direction. Just please take me home quickly. I need you to drive fast as carefully as you can. We need to get home before midnight.”
Ichabod checked the time behind the wheel, he also needed to get home on time because Odin would come out for sure by twelve and right now, it was some minutes past eleven.
“Well, why don’t you two young ladies fasten your seat belt?”


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